Progress Now New Mexico Stirs Controversy

Progress Now New Mexico Stirs Controversy
Monday, October 8, 2012 - 6:26pm

A video showing poll challengers in Albuquerque being trained with inaccurate voter laws is stirring up some controversy.

The video released by non-profit non-partisan group Progress Now New Mexico shows a Republican official telling poll challengers they can demand to see voter id at the polls if two precinct board members request it.

Poll challengers are appointed by the party to watch over the election process but are not allowed in voter booths. Progress Now New Mexico argues the misinformation will turn away voters affecting the integrity of the election.

Dona Ana County clerk Lynn Ellins says New Mexico voter laws do not require physical identification at the polls but showing id is optional.

"People usually gives a driver's license or a voter identification card," Ellins said. "If you don't have either of those you can give your full name your year of birth and the address where you are registered to vote." 

Ellins says once at the poll a voter can also choose to give their information in writing through a utility bill or bank statement.

He says at no point will photo identification be demanded at the poll.

Early voting in dona ana county begins Tuesday and it's also the last day to register to vote.


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