Program sends mayor and superintendent to knock on high school drop outs' doors

Program sends mayor and superintendent to knock on high school drop outs' doors
Friday, September 20, 2013 - 6:53pm

Some kids got a surprise knock on the door this morning from new EPISD superintendent Juan Cabrera and new El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser.

It's part of the Alpha Initiative program that's been in the works now for six years. The mayor and superintendent visit the homes of EPISD high school drop-outs, hoping to provide encouragement and find a way to bring them back to school.
 The programs counselors and outreach coordinators work on barrier removal. They find out ways to get rid of, or work around the obstacles that kept the student from going back to school.

Students that benefited from the Alpha initiative in years past, also knocked on doors to encourage their peers.

"Important message that we send to our students is that we care and that's not done by telephone, that's not done by mail. It's done by going to the students house and asking why haven't you come back, " said Mark Mendoza with the Alpha Initiative.

Rogelio Cruz said he dropped out of school when he kept getting in trouble with the law. He credits the program as his parent figure that put him back in school.

"Kept me going, kept me on track. Kept on pushing, kept on motivating me to graduate from high school. They're gonna be coming back to school and finishing up school because they saw us overcome those obstacles. Now they see they can do it as well," said Cruz.

If you'd like to contact the student recovery line, the number is 351-5210.

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