Pro-Romney Super PAC Launches Ad Offensive in Wisconsin and Michigan

Pro-Romney Super PAC Launches Ad Offensive in Wisconsin and Michigan

POSTED: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 11:36am

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 11:45am

As both presidential campaigns signal Wisconsin is becoming a battleground state, the major Super PAC backing Mitt Romney is investing heavily there.

Restore Our Future confirmed it is buying $2.2 million worth of ad time for a week in both Wisconsin and Michigan, a state which has not received recent attention from either campaign or independent committees supporting them.

The group is using the lagging economic recovery in the spot running in both states.

"Millions of Americans are disappearing from the workforce because they can't find jobs," a female narrator in the commercial states. "The overall unemployment rate doesn't even count them anymore. Eight million Americans have dropped out of the workforce since Obama became president...the real unemployment rate is nearly 19%."

It goes on to use a television news clip calling the nation's recovery "the worst...America has ever had."

"Especially in states like Michigan and Wisconsin that have borne the brunt of Obama's failed economic policies, voters are looking to change the country's leadership and Mitt Romney's message of fiscal discipline and his background as a job creator is something that truly resonates with taxpayers and American workers," Restore Our Future's Treasurer Charlie Spies said in a statement.

For July, the latest figures available, Wisconsin's unemployment rate was 7.3% (up .3% since June) but still below the national average of 8.3%. Michigan stayed above that mark at 9.0% -- up four tenths of a point from the previous month.

Restore's buy comes after both presidential campaigns last week invested in Wisconsin, and both Vice President Joe Biden and GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, who represents Wisconsin in the House, visited the state this week. In its electoral map, CNN rates the state as a toss-up.

Michigan is rated as "lean Obama" on CNN's electoral map. Romney was born in the state, and his father served as governor of Michigan.

The group told CNN the buy is divided with $1.2 million in Michigan and $1 million in Wisconsin.

This is the first buy for Restore Our Future since before the Republican convention last month.


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