Private-sector companies add more jobs than expected

Private-sector companies add more jobs than expected
Sunday, July 7, 2013 - 1:55am

A new report released by payroll processor, ADP, showed private-sector employment across the country increased by 188,000 jobs from May to June -- small businesses showed the largest hiring increase.

Small businesses had 84,000 new openings, medium-sized ones had 55,000, and large companies added 49,000 new jobs to the economy.

NewsChannel 9 spoke with a local business owner to see if they've noticed the increase happening in El Paso. 

Monica Brown, who is the President of Sarabia's Portable Jons and Blue Sanitation in El Paso said she hasn't noticed a difference in hiring levels in the Sun City.

But despite a gloomy economy, Sarabia's has remained successful -- even recently being named one of the top 500 Hispanic-owned businesses in the country. 

While the economy may not be at its best, Brown explained why it's never a bad time to start a business.

"I think it's always a good time to start your own business. I think that small businesses are pretty much the basis of the economy in this country," said Brown. 

She said it's the hard work and dedication you invest into your business that makes it successful -- not necessarily the state of the economy.

And while the workforce in El Paso may have a tough time filling openings, Brown remains optimistic about the Sun City's economic future.

"I can see some progress, I can see it going up, and it gives me a good feeling that maybe we're on the right track," she said, "the people in El Paso are for the most part bi-cultural and bi-lingual, and that gives them an edge."

As for small business owners, Monica shared her company's key to success -- and she said it's running an "employee-owned" business, where workers feel a deeper commitment to their job, find their niche, and grow with the business.

She said it creates a more stable environment because employees tend to stay for longer periods of time.  

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