Price of beef rising in the Borderland


POSTED: Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 6:10pm

UPDATED: Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 6:39pm

Brace yourself for sticker shock. Some borderland residents have a beef -- over rising beef prices at the supermarket. According to the Texas Farm Bureau beef is getting more expensive. For instance, you can get expect to pay about 11-percent more for ground beef. While top sirloin will set you back 5-percent more this quarter compared to last. Despite the rising prices -- Texans we spoke with say -- they'll continue to buy meat -- just not so much of it.

Jeramey Goss and his wife Britanny Barrientos wait patiently for their food to arrive on a Thursday afternoon, but they're in for a shock. "I didn't even know that they were rising, too much, but I kinda don't notice it,” Jeremy Goss a West El Pasoan said.

Their meal will be costing them about five bucks more than usual because according to Steve O owner Steve Hernandez. He's been forced to drive up his prices because of the rising cost of meat. "They went up about a good 30-percent. Just in a month? Just within a month basis,” Hernandez explained. The Texas Farm Bureau reported an ongoing drought has led to a shortage of cattle feed, "Some aren't too fond of it, but some understand the whole economy as far as the drought."

It's not just at restaurants like Steve O's we're also seeing meat prices go up at grocery stores because of this drought. Grocery store shoppers said they've been taking note of the rising prices. But it's not stopping them. It's merely forcing them to scale down. "I'll eat it maybe three times a week, maybe one time,” Angel Morales of Sunland Park, NM said.

Just like the West El Paso couple waiting on their food at Steve O's, "Some of them are kind of pricey but we do try to budget that out." They'll still dine out -- but eat less.

Pork prices are also up about 7-percent from 2013 and we've also all heard about milk prices. Analysts predict dairy will go up another 10-percent in the coming months. But it's not all is bad news. The Texas Farm Bureau said, the price of poultry has declined; most shoppers are paying about 3-percent less for chicken breasts because of lower grain prices.

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