Presidents of U.S. and Mexico Agree on Priorities


POSTED: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - 11:52am

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - 7:49pm

Washington D.C. - Immigration reform dominates private discussions today between President Obama and Mexico President Felipe Calderon.

During a rose garden ceremony, Obama reiterated his commitment to fixing the nation's broken immigration system.

He pledged to work with congress on reform, saying legislation currently being considered "can and should move forward."

The president also said that he and Calderon agree that the Arizona anti-immigration law is "misdirected" and that the Obama administration may sue the state on civil rights grounds...

"For the sake of our shared prosperity and security we discussed the need for immigration that is orderly and safe. And, we acknowledged that both our countries have responsibilities."

"We also discussed the new law in Arizona which is a misdirected effort.. a misdirected expression of frustration of our broken immigration system which has raised concerns in both our countries."

"We're examining any implications, especially for civil rights because in the United States of America no law abiding person, be they an American citizen, a legal immigrant or a visitor or tourist from Mexico should ever be subject to suspicion simply because of what they look like."

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Of course Calderon opposes Arizona law, the U.S. has been doing a great job taking care of all his people. And now President Obama will aid in his effort. If Obama doesn't watch his back, he will be impeached...this is not an American President. If Obama likes him so much, they should both be deported. Open your eyes Obama, Calderon's people is part of the reason for our economic failure, starting from government assistance to free education, which US citizen don't qualify for!!!!

Mexico gets some $40+ Billion dollars every year, from its welfare line,the illegal aliens who send the money back to relatives. The U.S. pays some additional $35 billion a year to PAY for the costs of all the illegals in the U.S. All of the burden is on every SINGLE U.S. taxpayer, and ALL of the BENEFIT is Mexico's corrupt gov't. Pres Obama is clueless and inept, Calderon is corrupt and inept.4 wrongs are not going to make anything right.

Mr. Calderon, why don't you assist the poor Mexiacan people who have no means (money, connections) to cross the border legally. HELP THEM GET JOBS OR HELP THEM CROSS OVER LEGALLY SINCE YOUR COUNTRY'S RICH LOOK DOWN ON THE POOR.
Spread the wealth, stop crucifying your poor. Stop giving racist Americans another excuse to discriminate Mexicans. Send them over legally, that will shut some rasicsts up. Also tell them to come to the USA to work like my proud Mexican ancestors did.

Two fools meeting! Calderon as the head of a failed state has no right to comment on the new Arizona law. He needs to get his priorities in order, fix his own house before he can criticize what happens somewhere else.

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