Preparing Pet Owners for K9-1-1 Situations

Monday, April 16, 2012 - 5:21pm

The local chapter of the American Red Cross observes Pet First Aid Awareness Month by offering a class aimed at keeping your pooch safe.

"El Paso's a community that has a lot of undereducated people about their pets and so it's really important and fun for me to educate them and then see how the pet goes from being just a dog to a part of the family," said Ashley Rendon, Chapter Support Specialist for the American Red Cross, El Paso Area Chapter.

Rendon will unleash her knowledge on pet safety at the first-ever dog first aid class held at the El Paso Area Chapter of the American Red Cross.
Rendon's 2-year-old German Shepherd... Ruger... will help her demonstate the fetching information.

"They're going to learn how to bandage small wounds, any kind of pad injuries. How to stop toenails from bleeding if they get clipped or torn. How to administer medication...ears, eyes. How to check their teeth," said Rendon.

Rendon will also prepare pet owners for the dog days of summer.

"We want to make sure that people are informed about how to recognize heat stroke as well as how to properly take care of their dog if they can't be home. Make sure that they have shade and make sure that they are cool at all times. And it's very important never to leave your pet in a car because it can get up to 120 degrees inside the car," said Rendon.

She says signs of heat stroke include rapid breathing and bright, red gums.
Rendon will also teach attendees how to pack a disaster preparedness kit for their pooch.

"He actually has two first aid he's got another one in here and of course, we have to have some treats along the way. This is very important for all dogs to carry especially in a disaster situation. It's his important papers. And it just has his name, his age, his microchip number, his vet's name and number, and then it also lets them know he's fully vaccinated and that he's very friendly," said Rendon.

The four-hour course takes place April 21st from 8 to noon at the El Paso Area Chapter of the American Red Cross.
For more information, visit or call 915-592-0208.

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