Pregnant 17 Year Old Dies, Family Reacts


POSTED: Thursday, March 24, 2011 - 10:54pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 6, 2013 - 1:17pm

EL PASO- A terrible car accident leaves a mother injured and her pregnant daughter dead.  Blanca Pizarro and her daughter Nelly were out for a walk Wednesday when they were both hit by a car at the intersection of Darrington and Nunda.  The crash killed Nelly and her unborn child.

The Pizarro family was at Del Sol Medical Center Thursday night with Blanca, as she recovers from the crash.  At the same time, they are trying to comprehend the loss of Nelly and her child, a baby they say would have been named America.

Tears rolled down Manny Campa's cheeks, as he read the last text message his girlfriend Nelly ever sent him.  The two were planning to get married after the birth of their daughter. 

They had even picked out a crib.

"I already lost my girlfriend and my baby at the same time and so it's hard for me to be talking, being strong for the family you know," said Campa, Nelly's boyfriend.

A terrible accident Wednesday night took Nelly's life, as she was out for a walk with her mom, trying to keep healthy during her pregnancy.

"I feel sad, I feel angry," Campa told us.

Horizon police said it happened around 7:45 p.m.  A driver, 30-year-old Felipe Trevizo, was driving down Darrington road, when he turned left onto Nunda avenue.

It was at that moment that Blanca and Nelly were walking across the street and were hit by the car.  Both were taken to Del Sol Medical Center.

Nelly and her baby died at the hospital, and Blanca rests in stable condition.

"Right now I'm trying not to cry, I'm just trying to be the strongest one for my family," said Blanca Solis, Nelly's sister.

She described Nelly as a fun-loving girl, full of life and bursting with energy.

Her death has thrown the family into shock.  But the suddenness of it all brings out the love for the girl they say died too soon, and the baby they never had the chance to meet.

Funeral arrangements for Nelly have not yet been finalized, but will be sometime next week.  The driver, Felipe Trevizo, is not facing any criminal charges at this time.

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i cant belive this had to happend to my cousin nelly this i so sad the last tex was"wew gonna go buy stuff for our baby" thats just so d\sad know what happend manny remember in here for you

sincerely; sandy olivares from horizon high;

tssss, i lost one of my closest friends of my life cannot believe she left us so soon ): she was like my sister now that she is gone i feel lonely when i go home. She was my everything&now my street feels so lonely/: her last text made me cry ALOT! Praying for nellys family&for Manny Campa R.I.P. NELLY&AMERICAA

So sad and 17 having a baby while she is a baby kids having kids and sadly to say sympathy and wake up call to parents at 17 kids should not be having kids.

So She Was HIT By A Car To Prove That 17 Year Old Girls Shouldnt Be Havent Children ?! Hmm What Would Your Comment Be Towards A 20 Year Old Women Hit By A Car In The EXACT Same Situation, SMH !

Praying for the Pizarro family and for Manny Campa, may the peace of God fill your hearts in this difficult and painful time of loss. God bless.

so sad

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