Possible connector from Pebble Hills to Loop 375 awaiting real estate sale

Possible connector from Pebble Hills to Loop 375 awaiting real estate sale
Thursday, May 15, 2014 - 5:31pm

Far East El Paso is growing by leaps and bounds -- but with that growth comes growing pains -- and traffic troubles. Some city leaders want to build a connector highway -- joining Pebble Hills to Loop 375.
Maricela Alvarez worked in the comfort of her kitchen on Thursday. A nice break away from the congestion she faces every morning. "I live and work in the East part of town so 45 minutes is really a stretch for me,” Alvarez, a Far East El Paso resident explained to us.

Alvarez moved to Far East El Paso six years ago. Since then, she's seen it grow. She also said, her 15 to 20 minute commute from work has almost doubled to 45. Far East is one of the fastest growing areas in the city and with that growth comes growing pains -- and traffic headaches.

"If we connect those two ends on Pebble Hills then that will take a lot of traffic that right now goes down Zaragoza,” City Rep. Michiel Noe, District 5 told us. Noe has been working to connect Pebble Hills to Loop 375. A project city officials explained will begin at Tierra Mina and at Pebble Hills and Zaragosa.

The project is ready to move forward -- but there's one huge roadblock. "The problem is we're trying to acquire the piece of land that is right in the middle of the area where Pebble Hills needs to go,” Noe explained.

Noe says they've been negotiating with the property owner -- who so far isn't budging. Meanwhile, it's getting a thumbs up from commuters like Alvarez. "If that project does come through, I think it would just alleviate traffic tremendously,” she exclaimed.

And for Noe, this is just the beginning. "We need to get Zaragoza connected to Zaragosa, also. Anybody who has been through that intersection knows that it doesn't make a lot of sense,” the City Rep. explained.

"It seems like you drive in one big line along Pebble Hills and then onto Zaragoza," Alvarez told us. A never ending task for seemingly never ending traffic.

City Rep. Michiel Noe said one of the biggest obstacles he has been facing as well as the State of Texas is locating funding for these road projects.

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