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Positively El Paso: South El Paso Pharmacy offers more than drugs; nostalgia and simpler times

Positively El Paso: South El Paso Pharmacy offers more than drugs; nostalgia and simpler times
Wednesday, December 25, 2013 - 6:02pm

Much of this growing city has changed in recent years But if you step into San Pedro Pharmacy in South El Paso you'll step back into time. In this Positively El Paso story, NewsChannel 9's Kay Recede shows us inside the almost 100-year old store -- and how this place remained mostly untouched since 1917.

Step inside San Pedro Pharmacy in South El Paso and you'll find -- nostalgia.

"I like to remain oldish,” Hector Arredondo, the pharmacy’s owner told us. The fixtures, the signs, even a penny machine, and some of the products have been here for decades. "Everybody walks in here and says this is like walking into a drug store like the old fashioned drug store."

It's also the oldest pharmacy in the Sun City. Hector Arredondo's father first opened for business in 1917.
“Everything is old in here, including the owner,” Arredondo joked.

And it has remained in the family since that time. "The fountain, well of course, it's an oldie, we still have the original fixtures."

And you won't find this in too many places -- a soda fountain.

Because as Arredondo explained, it's a sense of community that the throwback item brings. "That's what we like. We like people to come in here with the family and on Sundays that's what it was."

A lot about this store has remained the same for decades so much so, that when people step inside, some of them are reminded of some of the naughty acts that they've done while visiting this pharmacy.

"Once in a while they would come here and give me ten dollars, the grandparents, and I would ask them what the ten dollars was for, " the Pharmacist smiled as he told us, "And then they say, 'I used to steal bubble gum and funny books, you know, and I'm paying you back.'"

Hector has watched his store grow over the years and now, he's looking forward to 2017.
"I'm trying to hit the century mark. Because I'm trying to remain here for another three years,” Arredondo said this is his ‘objective.’ “Then I'll think about doing something else.

If you would like to visit this landmark -- San Pedro Pharmacy is located at 3712 Alameda Avenue. The soda fountain, however, is only open during the summer. That said -- the prices also remain untouched.

You can also find a milkshake there for under $3.

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