Poll reveals almost half of El Pasoans text and drive

Poll reveals almost half of El Pasoans text and drive
Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 3:51am

Texting and driving is a habit 43-percent of El Pasoans admit to doing, according to a poll sponsored by AT&T. This habit, has caused 100,000 car accidents in one year, according to the phone company. That's why they are calling on businesses and their employees to stop texting and driving with a new campaign - It Can Wait. 

"We'd like to see texting and driving as unacceptable as drinking and driving. We feel like our goal is to save lives," Mary Bustillos, an AT&T El Paso employee told us.

The phone company says texting takes drivers away from what they need to focus on which is the road. Drivers like Juan Torres admitted to having close calls because of texting behind the wheel, "I have. That's why I stop texting too much," Torres explained. 

Even though he's curbed his habit, he still admits to taking to his phone, "I try to stop but I still do it," Torres said. 

"We've conditioned ourselves to where we feel like we have to respond immediately and we feel like people have to respond to us immediately," Bustillos told us. 

AT&T says more than 1.3 million people have already pledged to stop texting while driving through their 'It can wait" movement. "Texting and driving takes lives. No text is worth dying for," Bustillos said.

If that's not enough to prompt motorists to put down their phones, AT&T has an app for that, "We also have an app that's on our phones that's called drive mode, and the drive mode app actually will send a message trying to communicate with you, letting you know that you're driving and you will not be able to respond," Bustillo told us. 

As for Juan Torres, he says he plans to stop texting while driving, "I will, eventually," Torres said. 


For information on the 'It Can Wait' movement, visit, www.itcanwait.com

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