Police Shootout in McKinney, TX

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 - 12:20pm

MCKINNEY, TX - A gunman who opened fire outside a police station is dead.

McKinney Deputy Chief Scott Brewer says around 9am the suspect drove a pickup truck with a trailer close to the police department, then got out and started yelling.

Brewer says that somehow ammunition inside the truck started a fire and the truck became engulfed in flames.

"Immediately after that the vehicle was engulfed in flames. we believe there was ammunition inside that vehicle. Subsequently the fire itself set off that ammunition and caused the rounds to be dispersed within the immediate area."

The suspect then started firing shots at the building and officers fired back.

"We located one shooter and again we believe there is just one shooter at this point and time. That shooter is deceased."

Police don't know if the gunman died of self-inflicted wounds or police gunfire.

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