Police Shoot Man Who Allegedly Pointed Gun At Them


POSTED: Monday, June 27, 2011 - 2:39pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 - 7:37am

UPDATE: A warrant has been issued for Hector Piedras for aggravated assault on a public servant, evading arrest, and assault-family violence.

Piedras remains in stable condition at Del Sol Medical Center and will be booked upon his release.

The officers who discharged their weapons as Piedras pointed a gun at them have been identified as Officer Antonio Licerio, a three year veteran of the EPPD and officer Keenan Greseth, a one year and four month veteran of EPPD.


EL PASO -- A 41-year-old man is being treated in the hospital after he was shot by El Paso police officers. It happened early this morning in the 300 block of Mirasol in the Lower Valley.

Police say they were responding to a domestic disturbance call when the man crashed his car into their police car. When the man got out, he allegedly pointed a gun at the officers. That's when the officers drew their guns and shot the man.

No word on the man's condition, except that he's being treated for wounds in his stomach and thigh. He's facing several charges, including assault on a public servant.

Police haven't released his name.

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oh n btw its PIEDRA not piedras!!!!

he is part of my fam n we all are really kunzern kuz they do not let ua c him at the hospital it seams like they have him hostage because they dont want n e body to know that the police shot him without a rason the wife said there was no dosmestic vilonce it was an argument between them like n e cuple n there was no wapon involved. if there is n e body out there that could help us out please do so my grandparents are real old n they are desprete kuz they havent hurt nothing from him n kant c him

Are you sure that's the way it happened? It's sound's like officer's got out of the car, pissed off, and took revenge for him hitting the car.

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