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Police Searching for Suspected Robbers in Northeast El Paso

Police Searching for Suspected Robbers in Northeast El Paso

POSTED: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 - 12:11pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 - 10:18am

UPDATE: Wednesday, October 12, 8:00a.m.

The search continues for two men suspected of robbing a northeast El Paso Radio Shack.  Police arrested one of the three suspectsm but they are looking for two more.

The robbery happened Tuesday at the Radio Shack store on Transmountain.  Acoording to investigators, three men walked in and took a computer tablet.  They sped off in a small car and a Texas Parks and Wild Life officer tried to pull them over, but they refused to stop.  Two men jumped out of the car and ran away on foot.  Police caught up with the driver and he was arrested.

A Department of Public Safety helicopter helped with the manhunt.  Several schools in the area were placed on lockdown because olice thought the two were armed.  In later reports, police said the men did not have a gun.

EL PASO- Police are search for two of three men who robbed a Northeast El Paso Radio Shack at approximately 11:30 this morning.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the three men were armed with guns during the robbery. One man was caught and police are searching for two other men who are considered armed with a handgun. The men were last seen heading towards El Paso Community College-Transmountain Campus.

The DPS Chopper is in the air searching for the men. DPS is being assisted by EPPD.

Currently, EPISD schools and nearby community colleges are on lockdown.

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people are commiting such violent crimes like this because the economy is down and the government dose not care about its citizens anymore.were are the good jobs for people so they can take care of their families with the neccesary funds.iam not saying what they did is right but the bad economy at times cause for acts like this. people are pushed too close to the edge.

Im a tmechs student, that high school contected to EPCC this was the most scariest thing ever, we were under lock down at 11:20 around there. we stayed under lock down till 4:00 this was one of the most shocking things to happen to me and my friends.

I live behind El Paso Community College and I stepped outside my house and I saw many law enforcement officers roaming the Millagro Hills Desert Dam. I stepped out side and I spoke with a DPS officer in an unmarked vehicle. He told me that they are looking for 2 individuals at around 20 years old. A black and hispanic male. Wearing black coats. Helicopter has been hovering around our back yard for the last 2 hours. I do not see the helicopter any more so I assume they have been arrested.502-7047

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