Police Search for Suspected Arson or Arsonists

Thursday, June 30, 2011 - 6:08pm

SOCORRO - A manhunt is underway for a suspected arsonist in the Borderland. Investigators believe someone, or a group of people are intentionally setting fires.

They said that overnight, two fires were lit in the same area; because of that, and other evidence,
investigators are now looking for a serial arsonist.

"We've had three to four arsons...one early this morning, one last night...and one dating back to the 17th of June," said Socorro Police Lieutenant Jose Alvarez.

Alvarez told us that a string of recent fires in the area, follow a pattern.

"They are occurring early morning hours, late night...other than that, we do have some other information, but can't reveal it now," added Lt. Alvarez.

The latest suspicious fire happened in the wee hours of the morning, in Socorro.

"It was a mobile home. It was approximately...about 40,000 dollars in damage," said Lt. Alvarez.

According to fire investigators, that one was sparked in the backyard, by the patio. Just hours before that one, another was set in the same area. Authorities are also linking another fire that took place June 17th on North Loop, to the two latest ones. They said the time and proximity, along with other evidence, is consistent with the other fires.

No one was hurt in any of these fires.

Lieutenant Alvarez is not ruling out the possibility that more than one person may be behind all of this.

"Could we say it's one individual? Yes, but we want to look at all the angles we have right now," said Lt. Alvarez.

As authorities scramble to find the person or persons responsible, they're hoping you can give them a hand.

If [you see] anything suspicious, please call the emergency number or our number and report it, so that we can get out there as soon as possible," said Lt. Alvarez.

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