Police Report Out on Socorro Teacher


POSTED: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 - 2:40pm

UPDATED: Monday, April 26, 2010 - 9:05am

Socorro - We are learning new and disturbing details about Robert Brito, a former teacher in the Socorro School District charged with injury to a child.

As we first reported, Brito, 53, was arrested earlier this week after allegations surfaced that he assaulted one of his students at Salvador H. Sanchez Middle School.

According to a complaint affidavit, witnesses reported that Brito "became upset at a special needs student/victim who was talking and would not let the other student listen."

It goes on to say that after the student didn't listen, Brito "grabbed him by the back of the neck and then slammed the victim's head on the student's desk."

Witnesses stated that the student "appeared scared and in pain and stayed with his face and hands on the desk."

Brito resigned from the Socorro School District last week.

Calls to him have not been returned.

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If this is the same Robert Brito who worked at Thomason Hospital in the boiler room than he is truly a scum bag. He claimed he was a former Marine who saw action in Vietnam. He told me he was at Khe Sahn during the Tet Offensive. This was in 1969. If Brito is 53 yrs old wouldnt he have been 12 at the time? I worked with him and the man couldnt not do anything right. He installed water check valves backwards so the hospital had no water. He couldnt repack a simple water pump.

Where are the parents in all this. These kids act up and always get away with it. It's o.k. for them to misbehave and disrupt class. This man is a hero in many teachers eyes. Teachers are not babysitters. I do believe Mr. Brito went overboard but I can imagine when is enough enough. Administrators in schools allow this because the state pays them for each student that attends class.

Mr Brito should be held accountable for his cowardly attack on this youth; adults should exhibit a certain amount of self control, especially when dealing with children/youths.

Put your hand on my child and you'll have more than your fair share of trouble.


I hope MR. Brito gets the punishment he deserves, JAIL TIME!!!!! He needs to man up instead of hiding from his actions. Justice will be served!!!

My daughter is in special needs in Socorro District and I would be outraged if a teacher of hers did that to my daughter. It;s intolerable that he has to take advantage of a child and hurt them the way he did. I believe he deserved what is coming to him and leave he rest to GOD. I hope that student is doing well, and I know it is going to be difficult for him to trust someone like Mr. Brito after this incident.

Brito should be careful someone doesn't slam his worthless face on a brick wall.An example of true garbage in our school systems. Hopefully he will receive his just rewards. You can't hide forever Brito. We can all hope the child didn't suffer long lasting damage, and can over come even the teaching cowards acts.

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