Police Release Details Of Woman's Murder

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 - 9:08pm

El Paso Police confirm what the family of murder victim Yanira Caballero told us hours after they discovered her body.
The police department released the details of its initial investigation.

The victim's husband, Antonio Brown remains in jail on murder charges.

El Paso police arrived at the house after the family called 9-1-1.  They'd found Yanira Caballero's body in a closet.
Yanira's family told police they were frantically looking for her after losing contact for several days. They called her husband Antonio Brown to ask if he knew where she was.
The family says that brown told them Yanira was with friends in Socorro, and he didn't know where her car was.
Later, police found brown driving Yanira's car in Las Cruces and booked him for murder.
The victim's daughter told police that her mother recently asked Brown to move out of the home.
Yanira's brother says Brown used his sister for her money.

"He was a loser because my sister was supporting him. He didn't even work. You know what, he was no good. He was really no good. He was stealing from her, and then after that he kills her. When a person is looking out for you?” said Victor Caballero.
The family also tells police that they contacted brown minutes after finding Yanira's body. He told them he was on his way to the house, but never showed up.

Yanira's sister says there may have been warning signs, but she never imagined Brown would take her sister's life.

“It seemed like everything was normal. I mean we never had any problems. I mean, we did have some issues with him, but I just never thought it would go to this extreme,” said Claudia Tellado.

The victim's daughter also tells police that she got a text message from Brown several hours before her mother was found dead asking to tell Yanira that he was sorry and wanted to come back home.


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