Police Officer Allegedly Caught Stealing At Wal-Mart

Police Officer Allegedly Caught Stealing At Wal-Mart

POSTED: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 - 5:41pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 14, 2012 - 6:09pm

A Wal-Mart Loss Prevention Officer reported he saw an off-duty police officer shoplifting at Wal-Mart

On Tuesday, March 13, officers responded to a shoplifting call at the Walmart store located at a Wal-Mart located on Alameda Avenue near Americas Avenue. Fifteen-year veteran police officer Anthony Weathersbee allegedly concealed merchandise and attempted to walk out of the store. He was detained by the loss preventions officer until on-duty officers arrived.

Weathersbee was arrested on one count of theft and he has been placed on administrative leave.  

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Integrity is very similar in definition to Morals. Everyone of us, not only city officials that are under oath, must protect their own temple that has been given to us personally.

This officer might get fired from the department for doing this, but this is only because he got caught on video. What about all the times police officers in our city commit crimes like asking for sex in return for a favor or when they shoot a person simply for fleeing? These cases are brought to court and since there is no video 19 out of 20 times the officer is not found guilty of any wrong doing. When is this city going to realize that cops (not to mention politicians) have been getting away with wrong doing for too long now? I agree with honest citizen and would like to add that after the way the EPPD treats people for hot having something as minor as vehicle insurance, yet getting away with doing wrong themselves, they really do deserve to go to hell!!!

“You shall not steal” (Exodus 20:15) is one of the Ten Commandments people can readily recall, even though it is number eight in the Decalogue. And while there may be those who attempt to undermine the authority of the Ten Commandments by suggesting it is part of the Old Covenant, our Lord Jesus, speaking to the rich young ruler, quoted five of them, including this one (Matthew 19:18). The Ten Commandments are part of the moral law of God and, unlike the ceremonial and sacrificial laws of the Old Testament which were given to Israel, they apply to all men in all ages.

Got Jesus?

how do you expect law abiding citizens to follow the law when city government officials who are under oath to "serve and protect" break the very law they are protecting??? huh I strongly feel we the people need to take over our corrupt city government and gain our rights back once again and if anyone agrees pleas post here.. I am so tired of so so many city officials breaking the law and still arresting people whom they think oh yeah they think are breaking the law "fuck you" fucking pd's from all over our nation fuck you!!!!!!!!!

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