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Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - 8:39pm

Police: Off-Duty Cop Stole from Wedding


POSTED: Monday, October 11, 2010 - 10:03pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, October 13, 2010 - 8:38pm

A police officer has been arrested for aggravated robbery after allegedly stealing money from a wedding, where he was working off-duty .

Alberto Madrid, an 18-year veteran of the El Paso Police Department, was working of-duty as a security guard for a wedding reception at Bebe's Hall Saturday night. Police say he stole a gift box containing money. When he was confronted, police say Madrid tried to get away in a car; one person was injured after jumping on the hood of Madrid's car to avoid being hit.

Madrid has been booked into El Paso County Jail on a $5,000 bond. If any of the allegations are what police call "substantiated," he could get fired.

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He should be charged with attempted murder from what I understand the man who was thrown from the truck is a soldier in the U.S. Army and was in his dress uniform as best man. He is government issue isn't that a federal offense or something? These cops think that get away with anything. I will get a ticket for talking on my cell phone while driving, but they can talk on their cell phones while ther are on duty protecting and serving. What a crock!

Attn Ride and 22-Soldiers are trained for war. Look across the border that is a drug war. Just by your additude towards our military, u must be civilians. If you can't get the job, maybe your just not qualified.

Just another story of a Badge Heavy misfit that either got his job due to influence, or lied through his initial investigation. I dont know who is worse, the incompetent El Paso Police Dept of the corrupt ones in Juarez. But not to worry, the EPDept cops union will get this swept under the rug in a hurry.

I hate to say it but it's true..alot of EPPD are not setting the good example of using good safety while driving. I have seen many speeding thru school zones in the morning, not making complete stops, not using signals, on their cell phone and texting etc.

This is amazing, cops arresting cops. What else is there to come our way, what else has this 18year veteran done. It makes you think, how many times has he broken the law in the past, or if he has ever arrested inocent people in cases that he might have been the one to blame. Cops like him should not be protecting the citizens of el paso.

He used his truck as a weapon, why was't he charged with attempted murder??? Because he's a "COP"

Using his vehicle as a weapon in an ATTEMPT to cause injury is not attempted murder. This would be "Aggravated Assault".

He also stole the innocence of
young children that couldn't under stand why a policeman stole the money
box. He threatened the children that were playing close to the back door.
He told them that if they did not behave he was going to hand cuff them and throw them in the back of his police car. The children ran in to there parents. They saw him with the money box.The box was empty by the back door.

And these clowns want a raise?
You can bet the thugs in the police union will be the first to defend this scumbag.

Why wasn't El Paso's finest police officer Alerberto Madrid's picture not publicized like other non convicted citizens of El Paso. Wasn't he making enough money after 18 years of service?

And who is pressing the charges for the money? a drunk guy?

Officer Quimby EPPD special traffic investigation refused to investigate an accident that kept me away from work for 2 years because according to him the car did not kill me... Pay attention while driving and you will notice EPPD is not doing enough to keep El Paso safer, L.V. Area police cars not using turning lights, running red lights... Juarez mayor said that in 10 years El Paso will be like Juarez and I am sure we will...

Makes me glad I have a concealed carry permit, when you have to protect yourself from cops. It's getting more and more like Juarez every day!

I tell you...our police officers think they are GOD's and they can do whatever they want. I think the City of El Paso needs to look into the Department more and instead of giving opportunities to just pure crazy soldiers maybe to the civilian population that they can train from the begining themselves...this is crazy!

I agree with you, soldiers are getting the jobs we are prepared for and some of us that have school/ degree and do not have friends "inside" do not get the jobs.

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