Police Looking for Man Involved in Shooting Outside West El Paso Bar


POSTED: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 - 12:30pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 19, 2011 - 8:47am

EL PASO - El Paso Police are searching for a man who they say was involved in an early morning shooting outside a bar in the Cincinnati Entertainment District.

It happened just after 1:00a.m. Wednesday in the 2700 block of N. Mesa near Cincinnati Street.  According to emergency dispatchers, a 29 year old man and a 32 year old man were rushed to University Medical Center.  Both men were shot in the stomach.

Nick Jauregui was outside the bar when the gunshots went off, "We were standing in line to get into Spice Bar and there was a long line.  Some dude in a purple shirt came out. They didn't want to let him in and he started shooting two dudes" he said.

Police haven't identified the victims, but witnesses say they might have been bouncers at the bar.  Witnesses also say there were two men, but only one of them fired a gun.  The shooter ran into the Kern neighborhood.  A Border Patrol hellicopter was called in to help with the search.

This is the third shooting in El Paso this week.  There were two unrelated shootings in Northeast El Paso over the weekend.  Mike Baranyay with the El Paso Police Department said he doesn't think this is a trend that El Pasoans should be worried about.

"That is an anomaly that we've had three shootings in one week. It's not something that we're overly concerned about, as far as a trend. We don't have an reason to believe the three shootings are connected to anything other than random acts of violence" said Baranyay.

Both victims are expected to survive. 

Newschannel 9 will continue to follow this story and bring you updates online at KTSM.com.  

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Like I said is this USA or the Corrupt Mexico,there are lots of police but they have blinders on , put there by the Chief and Mayor they want the World to think there is no Gangs,no Drug Cartel living in El Paso and no Crime at all

Well, when you look at Spice, you know it's going to happen. Just look at the crowd... Just close and leave our great neighborhood.

hellicopter? I can't even type that word in my browser without it being highlighted as a typo. come on, KTSM, discover the magic inherent to spell check!

... and apparently grammar is not important to them either: "We don't have an reason to believe the three shootings are connected to"... come on, NewsChannel 9!!

what do you mean el Paso should not worrie about!!!! are you drunk Mr Baranyan ??? crime is increasing in El Paso considerably!!!!! and we are short of Police officers and they take for ever to respond!!!! when we have an emergency, I have seen it!!!!
The Border Patrol had to help because there are not enough police force.

If this shooting took place at Spice, why do the camaras show Liquor Dicks? Seems like thats some pretty bad journalism. All the camara man had to do was turn 10 degrees to the left and they could have had a shot of the bar where the shooting actual took place and not at their innocent competitor......

I was there in line and just had entered spice bar a minute after it happened, it wasn't a bouncer that got shot, the guy was in line behind us also tring to get into the bar. The bouncers locked everyone inside then let people exit the back later in the night. It was a crazy scene, I have said it time and time again el paso is starting to be like juarez little by little people not caring about carrying, showing off guns or shooting others I have seen it first hand numerous times at clubs & bars

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