Police Killer Shot Dead

POSTED: Tuesday, December 1, 2009 - 2:30pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 - 2:25pm

Man wanted for murder of four police officers killed in police shooting...

A man suspected of killing four police officers in a Seattle suburb was shot and killed early Tuesday morning.

A patrolman investigating a stolen car recognized the suspect in a south Seattle neighborhood.

Maurice Clemmons had been on the run for two days eluding officers in a massive manhunt.

“We had a dangerous suspect, he was located, he was captured. I hope it didn't' have to happen this way and I know the officer feels the same,” said interim Seattle Police Chief John Diaz.

The officer was checking a suspicious car that turned out to be stolen in a south Seattle neighborhood, when he spotted a man near the car he recognized as Clemmons.

The officer ordered him to stop, and said he refused.

Clemmons, accused of gunning down four police officers at a coffee shop in Parkland, Washington, was carrying a handgun he took from one of the deceased officers.

One of the dying officers apparently shot Clemmons before he escaped.

Monday night authorities thought they had Clemmons surrounded at a house in Renton, Washington after a tip he had been dropped off there.

When a swat team entered, the house was empty.

Clemmons was recently charged in Washington with assaulting a police officer and raping a child.

He posted bond and was released.

His long criminal history includes a prison sentence commuted by then Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee nearly a decade ago.

As the Lakewood Police Department paid respects to the fallen officers many question how this could have happened.

"Can’t believe he was out on the street, if what is true, I think this country needs to get together and figure out why these people are out," said police union president Brian Wurts.

Police say they don't know why Clemmons opened fire on the police officers at the coffee shop.

Police have already arrested at least four people who helped Clemmons while he was on the run.

They say friends and family provided rides, money and places for him to stay.

More arrests are expected.

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