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Police Identify Teen and Driver Killed in Northeast Collision

Police Identify Teen and Driver Killed in Northeast Collision

POSTED: Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - 4:34pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 10, 2012 - 11:11am

13-year old Boy a Victim

Investigators identified 13-year-old Bailey Nieves and 24-year-old Ricardo Romero, both males, as the victims killed in a Monday morning collision in northeast El Paso.

The crash happened on a straight, flat section of the road at Sunnyside. Police said Romero tried to make a left turn in front of a Jeep approaching from the opposite direction. A broadside crash sent his car into a ditch.

"The driver of the green sedan failed to yield the right of way to the Jeep, making a left hand turn in front of the Jeep.," Chris Mears, EPPD Public Information Officer. "Tragically they collided and two occupants of the green sedan died at the scene."

The driver of the Jeep was not seriously hurt. So far, the police are not blaming alcohol or speed for the crash. Police immediately blocked traffic going both ways on Alabama, turning everyone around.

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Sabes que maestro12 tu te estas agarrando fama de esto, como es posible que tu le estes echando la culpa a Ricardo Romero , yo he visto a Guiadores que van en sus celulaares hablando y sin ningun percato de atencion de lo que van haciendo......asi que evita poner comentarios tan absurdos como los qque pusiste, yo le digo a la Familia de las Victimas que tomen cargo en el asunto y que sigan las invectigaciones ya que hay dos testigos que dicen que LA VELOCIDAD , fue el Factor del Accidente.....

Si tienen que hacer mas investigacion , en este caso....que las familias que perdieron a sus hijos levanten cargos , para que metan a la Carcel al fulano eso se llama homicidio Imprudencial!!!

I had to put this in five segments due to the space......It is unfortunate that in todays society we have people who try and receive their 15 minutes of fame at the expense of others.

The fatal accident that happened on Alabama street was a tragedy. Some people have posted comments as if they were eye witnesses to the events of that day, when in reality they are making unfounded speculations in the hopes of accomplishing some morbid satisfaction. The comments I have seen in regard to the black jeep speeding is unfounded and bogus.

How did this ludicrous individual come to this absurd conclusion? The death of the thirteen year old is something that affects all who knew him and those who didn't. The blame for this loss of life lies with the individual who failed to yield the right of way, not with the individual who who fate placed on that road. We all mourn the passing of those involved, and wish the blessings of God on the families,

but let us not forget their was another victim on that day. The individual who's life will never be the same. The individual who after the accident stop to render aid, without thought of his own condition or injuries. The individual who will forever be permanently be scared in his psyche with the images of these two deaths

I will be posting sections due to space limits...In an accident that was forced upon him, not by choice, or speed, but by someone who failed to yield the right of way. Let the memories of these people remain in the hearts of those who loved them. Let those who try and dredge up lies and senseless speculation silence their poisonous barbs. Respect the police findings, but most important, let these three victims Rest in Peace.

this is oscar romero, ricardo's brother. the person who killed my brother is out of jail like nothing. this is not right. we need proper justice!

It seems like The El Paso Police Department is trying to sweep this under the rug. Maybe bacause the Driver is a fire fighter. There are two witnesses that have stated that speed was a factor. Why havent the police made any arrest. There are no tire marks at the sceen to indicate that the driver even attempted to stop. Could he of been on the phone or texting that he was not paying attention?

This is a case that should be investigated more El Paso Police deparment or i shoul say officer "Chris Mears" is defenaly looks like is trying to contaminated the evidence....come on El Paso really you going to allowed El Paso run the city like the juarez cartel......what a sad story no wonder almost every native of el paso are living their city....


Ricardo Romero was 29 years old not 24.

Driver was speeding i was there at the scene he did not brake while going down on the st. Most definitely the.factor of the deaths

Driver was speeding i was there at the scene he did not brake while going down on the st. Most definitely the.factor of the deaths

Driver of the Jeep was an El Paso Fireman and was in uniform at the time. He went to check on driver and found him to be expired. He was unaware that a second, a passanger was in the car , both dead. I determined that there was a second when calling 911. Fireman was in shock. Crash was very serious and Im sure speed might be a factor. I was first on scene and called 911.

Hello - would you be willing to speak with us on camera?

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