Police ID Stabbing Death Victim


POSTED: Friday, May 18, 2012 - 6:00pm

UPDATED: Monday, May 21, 2012 - 8:52am

Police released the name of the man stabbed to death in northeast El Paso Wednesday night. Lucostal Leon Holley, 30, died from stab wounds after an altercation near Sean Haggerty and McCombs. 

NC9 spoke with Janet Camacho, who lives at a home in front of the crime scene.  She says she and her family heard comotion outside yesterday around 7 p.m.

"We didn't think anything big so we blew it off and then we hear the firefighters, the ambulance, the cops and we come outside and we see all this blood on our fence and we see they pull out the red tape," Camacho said.

Police on the scene say the man was on this motorcycle when they suspect the confrontation started. Janet says she really doesn't know the residents that live in the home, but says today isn't the first time she's seen the bike.

"This motorcycle is constantly parked over there. I go running a lot and I always see that motorcycle so I always thought it was family," Camacho said.

The Camacho family stayed up all night watching police sort through the crime scene.

"We saw when they were setting up the investigation, we saw when they brought out the big spotlight, we were out here pretty much the whole night," Camacho said.

And this morning, they weren't allowed to leave their home until everything was cleaned up.

Neighbors say the victim was outside of this house on his motorcycle and after he was stabbed he ran six houses down in the sidewalk where there was blood broke into this house for rent and then collapsed.

The 30 year-old African American man was rushed to the University Medical Center where he later died.

And after the tragedy, Janet says it will take a while to get back to feeling comfortable on her street.

"What's next someone got stabbed and died is someone going to get shot, is that the next step here? I just feel like we need more protection," Camacho said.

Police still don't have any suspects in custody, if you have any information you can call Crime Stoppers at 566-TIPS.

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The news doesn't care who they interview just as long as they get a story. Why in the worl would you all interview a teenage girl about anything that has to deal with the house on the street where that guys was stabbed to death a few days ago. Don't you know people are trying to see who knows what. I sure hope you all asked her parents permission first.

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