Police Department Fires One of its Own

Police Department Fires One of its Own

POSTED: Friday, December 3, 2010 - 2:25pm

UPDATED: Saturday, December 4, 2010 - 7:41pm

UPDATE:  2:35 p.m.

The Ysleta ISD confirms that Miguel Lucero worked at Riverside High School.

EL PASO - A police sergeant accused of inappropriate conduct has been fired.

Miguel Lucero, an 11 year veteran, is accused of engaging in a relationship with a female high school student where he worked in an off duty capacity.

An investigation began last month and when the allegations appeared credible, Lucero was placed on administrative duty.

After concluding Lucero's guilt in the relationship, the EPPD fired him this morning.

Criminal charges are possible in the case.

In a news release, a police department spokesman described Lucero's conduct as "a gross violation of the core values of the El Paso Police Department as well as various rules and regulations."

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i also blame the girl because i know Officer Lucero very well for many years and he dont look that kind of person. Its weird how the boyfriend of the girl accused him and not the teenager.

your so called investigation is nothing more than tabloid trash at best. its not investigative nor newsworthy plaese put the daily news back on. this is ridiculous now. at first it was entertaining but now just boring. who has all the resent towards el paso pd have you been arrested lindsey? maybe your editor? could it be a station manager?? maybe close relatives of somebody at the station. its apparent somebody at the station has questionable motives

Betty Crocker, you are a disgusting human being, this girl was in high school. He knew exactly how old she was. txchris63, these problems existed while Wiles was EPPD Chief as well. He covered them up for years. I personally have more faith in Allen to do the right thing here. Time will tell. Hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Surprise surprise always the woman is to blame. Come on we are talking about a grown man with 11 years under his belt. He jeopardized his entire career over a 15 year old girl. For the person who said she probably lied about her age, yes maybe she did. I would think that a cop deals with underage kids lying about many things and he was the one responsible for not investigating. He could have asked her for an ID since it is in their job discription, but nope he was thinking with the wrong head.

whatever happened to the last p.d. officer involved,for same offense,ex p.d., officer nava,luis

Duh, kinda looks like lighting a fire under the feet of PD is paying off. Go Lindsay GO!! By the way, do we know how long ago this happened, and how long it has been dragging on. A step in the right direction toward cleaning up a tarnished, not respected abusive organization. To comment on ms crockers remark, i hope (but not too sure) PD got the age right.

this is more reason we need to move forward with combining the EPPD and sherifs office with the Sherif running the show....

Looks like NewsChannel9's push to uncover questionable conduct by rogue cops is paying off. Putting the leadership of EPPD under the light has made them nervous enough to investigate closely what their troops are doing and not tossing it aside as acceptable conduct. Good job NewsChannel9.

Wow. What other problems does this department have the the press can't dig out of there? Go, KTSM, go.

myabe she lied about her age...girls are known to do that...girls can be bitches

God, I hope you NEVER have children!

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