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Police Chief: Officer Dies From Injuries of Brutal Beating

Police Chief: Officer Dies From Injuries of Brutal Beating

POSTED: Friday, October 5, 2012 - 2:46pm

UPDATED: Monday, October 8, 2012 - 5:02pm

El Paso Police Officer Jonathan Molina died Friday morning from injuries sustained after being assaulted in Central El Paso last week, police said.

Police said Molina was attacked after he spotted an alleged act vandalism on his car by three teenagers and spent about 10 days in the hospital in critical condition.

"His dedication to his community and his service will be sorely missed," said Police Chief Greg Allen at a press conference.

Molina was attacked on the the afternoon of September 25.

Police said Molina confronted the teens about damage to his car prior to the alleged assault.

According to a police affidavit, Molina identified himself as an officer and that's when Juan Gonzalez, 17, slammed him headfirst into the concrete knocking him unconscious, while the other members of the group watched.

In the affidavit, Gonzalez continued to beat Molina, hitting him in the face and head and all three group members ran off when witnesses came to help.

Gonzalez and Alan Medrano, 19, were later arrested. Gonzalez faces new charges.

"The department at this point in time has re-filed the charges against this individual in this particular case and we are charging the suspect with capital murder," Allen said.

Molina was a 4-year veteran of the EPPD and had also served in the Marine Corp.

Gonzalez remains at county jail under a $5 million bond.

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It is a shame; 4 lifes and families have been destroyed all because of a stupid action. Please pray for all involved and may the Lord provide comfort to the families.

I can't express how mad this makes me. Being in law enforcement it's a brother hood they have and I try my hardest to protect my deputies everyday. Everytime I read that another police officer has died it truly effects everyone who respects them and what they do for us everyday. I would be devastated if my husband died in the line of duty. They are not trained to kill they are trained to protect. get it right.

He was up against three thugs. You try going up against three and pull through. Show some respect to this man who put his life on the daily to keep you and everyone in the city safe.

Sad to hear that the officer died. My sympathies go to his family and fellow officers and I hope the punk that killed him gets indicted, tried, found guilty and given a harsh sentence for his actions (no plea bargain for him or his buddies).

Have some respect. His family is now left to deal with this tremendous loss and that is your response? May God bless him and his family and you. He served his country and this community. Please think before you respond so coldly.

I don't understand how you can say something like that anyone can be surprised or caught off guard. The real shame is that they were out destroying other people's property and that led to them taking someone's life and destroying theirs at the same time. Young people today must learn to have respect for the LAW and the property of others. My prays and condolences to Officer Molina's family.

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