Police in Anthony, TX teach families about Spice dangers

Police in Anthony, TX teach families about Spice dangers

POSTED: Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 4:16am

UPDATED: Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 6:00pm

The Anthony, Texas Police Department said it's seeing an increase of teenagers using spice and they want to stop it in their community.

By talking to a group of young teenagers, you wouldn't know the city is battling a growing problem.

"I'm not involved or don't know anything about it but I would guess that it would be marijuana not the actual spice. I haven't heard anything at least," said teenager Jackie Vela.

But the Anthony, Texas Police Department hears otherwise.

"We're starting to see more and more every day," said Chief Carlos Enriquez with the Anthony Police Department.

Spice is a bouquet of herbs and spices laced with dangerous chemicals, then mixed with acetone, and sold to kids, in gas stations or smoke shops and marketed as "legal and "safe".

The police chief and his staff are preparing to pass out packets in their community, telling them what spice is, and how it impacts children.

"It's pretty much pure chemicals that pretty much go up to your brain and fry it just as if you were sniffing paint," said Enriquez.

Teens said handing out information was a double-edged sword.

"I think it is a really good idea that he's starting to let people know about it because it says it all…lets you know about it and what going to go on and just a precaution… precaution to keep the town of Anthony safe," said Vela.

"If they give us information about the drug that could lead to people actually trying it, wanting to try it so that could be a bad thing," said Jazmine Martinez.

Still, the police chief said families need to know what to look out for when it comes to the safety of their children.

"Us as parents, we're not really up to date as far as what is actually out there and it is being marketed as potpourri," said Enriquez. "If we get educated, education is knowledge."

Spice can cause you to hallucinate, have a heart attack, slip into a coma or even die.

The police chief is handing out those packets at schools and community events.

If you would like one, just stop by the Anthony, Texas Police Department.

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