Pit bulls Involved in Attack to be Euthanized

Pit bulls Involved in Attack to be Euthanized

POSTED: Thursday, October 18, 2012 - 8:04pm

UPDATED: Monday, October 22, 2012 - 11:14am

The pit bulls involved in a Lower Valley attack with a jogger Wednesday will be euthanized by El Paso Animal Services. 

The owner of the four pit bulls surrendered custody of the dogs to El Paso Animal Services Wednesday evening, which are under quarantine at the Animal Services shelter, at  5001 Fred Wilson.  They will be kept under observation for 10 days to see if they display any rabies symptoms.

The owner of the dogs received 13 citations for violations related to animal vaccinations, registration, microchip and not having the dogs confined to the property.

This comes after a call was reported to El Paso Police about a dog attack on the 500 block of Eastland. Animal Services officers were dispatched to the site shortly afterward Wednesday afternoon.

As part of the investigation the dogs will undergo a dangerous dog evaluation and will be checked to see if they are up-to-date with rabies vaccinations.

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I've been volunteering at local shelters for over 5 years, and interacted with literally hundreds of pit bulls, and have never been bitten--not even threatened--by them. I've been bitten by other types of dogs--chihuahuas, terriers, poodles, etc. Pit bulls are some of the most friendly, affectionate, loyal dogs there are, and it's unfair to demonize them in this way, especially when we know that the media is more likely to report dog bites if it involves pit bulls and not other types of dogs.

The media should not to resort to sensationalism just to attract viewers and readers. This picture of the pit bull is a good example, making the dog look vicious. But first of all, the dog is barking. If you take a picture of any dog barking, he will look mean. Second; look closely. The dog is CHAINED. Not just chained, but the chain has a LOCK, implying that the dog is chained for long periods of time every day. Of course this dog is very frustrated, but it's because of mistreatments by people!

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