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Picketers joined by dozens more at Beaumont


POSTED: Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 5:10pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 6:08pm

Day 3 of the government shutdown marked day 2 of a picket in front of the Beaumont Army Medical Center. A dozen demonstrators were picketing Thursday, up from just three people Wednesday. Some were not even federal employees. They, just like the demonstrators from Wednesday are frustrated.

Demonstrators in North East El Paso took to street corners leading up to the Beaumont Medical Center.

"We can't let this go, we have to stop this. Congress is acting like a little bunch of babies and we need to let people know,” Paul Ferris, President of AFGE Local 2516 told us. Ferris was on the same corner on Wednesday. Just one day later, he has been joined by many others who want Congress to break the lock out.

"They're telling us that our pay can wait. Our mortgage can't wait, our utilities can't wait. I can't wait to eat later," Susie Aguilera, Chief Steward of AFGE Local 2516 remarked. Some even joined the picket during their lunch hours, standing together to deliver a unified message.

"I came out here today for the employees that can't make it out here, in support of also their paychecks,” Fernando Rivera, a furloughed Beaumont employee said. Chanting together because they just want to do their jobs.

"Bottom line is we wouldn't be hired if we weren't needed. We need everybody to be at work. We're short staffed,” Ferris said.

They want something done now. The third day of the shutdown is worrying many families who cannot wait any longer.

"I have to look at my daughter and hope that she will survive because we have no money,” Aguilera said.

"It's a paycheck and we deserve it,” Rivera told us.

The demonstrators said the best way to get Congress to act is to flood their phone lines.

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