Pepper spray training course as harsh as it sounds

Pepper spray training course as harsh as it sounds
Sunday, May 12, 2013 - 8:22pm

Would you ever volunteer to get sprayed in the face with mace?

Members of the group no DUI El Paso did just that. To celebrate their one year anniversary, they hosted a pepper spray certification class for their own members and volunteers.

The class was meant to teach the members how to overcome the effects of mace if needed in a dangerous situation. Each person would get sprayed in the face, open their eyes, do ten jumping jacks, then count the number of fingers the instructor was holding up.

"Really don't notice it until you try to open your eyes. Once you try to open your eyes and the spray starts to seep in it is excruciatingly painful, especially if you're not expecting it," said Tyler Rouse with No DUI El Paso.

The training is called a class one certification.

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