People Donate Blood For Wounded Soldiers

Friday, January 20, 2012 - 7:09pm

EL PASO- Servicemen and women sacrifice so much for us and now they're asking people to give back by donating blood for our wounded soldiers.

Dozens of soldiers and their family members showed up at Fort Bliss and pulled up their sleeves to give blood Friday.

It only took about 30 minutes, a small sacrifice, that will help in a big way.

Some of our soldiers have died in combat and many more have been seriously hurt and need blood to survive.

“For all of them down range protecting our freedom and our rights and some of them making the ultimate sacrifice, to just know that by giving a pint of blood that I could probably save one of their lives. That means a lot to me," said soldier Dearen Henson.

The blood drive is in honor of Sgt. Ben Eberle who is recovering in a San Antonio hospital. Eberle was serving in Afghanistan in November when he stepped on an roadside bomb and lost his hand and both of his legs.

Eberle needed 46 unites of blood to survive, some of which came from El Paso. And that's why he wanted to help others in need.

"He's very grateful that the blood was available for him and his desire is for everybody to go out and donate blood so there is always blood in Afghanistan, in case there's an emergency,” said Lori Kuczmanski with the Armed Blood Services Program.

Eberle is expecting a baby next month and family friends said he is staying positive every step of his recovery.

Newschannel 9 talked to an army wife whose husband is in Afghanistan now and will be there at least for the next 6 months.

"You look at people like Sgt. Eberle and he's still alive today because of blood," said Emily Kelley. “All the people in this room are military affiliated and I may not know them but they're all family."

Kelley said giving blood is a small way to say thank you to the people who give so much.

"It's a tiny price to pay because there are people who have paid much bigger prices," Kelley said.

If you would like to donate to wounded soldiers, just go to the Blood Donor Center at Fort Bliss. It's in building #7167 at the Fred Wilson entrance.

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