People at Border Wary After Car Bomb Explodes


POSTED: Sunday, July 18, 2010 - 6:26pm

UPDATED: Sunday, July 18, 2010 - 10:20pm

The stepped up violence in Juarez is making some people think twice before traveling there.

Many people at the bridge echoed the same message: people are afraid. While some have no choice but to cross into Juarez, others say they've completely stopped.

One visitor who didn't even realize he was at the border and got a little freaked out when he noticed how close he was to the violence.

"I was just walking the streets, it's a Sunday afternoon and I looked and saw the border," said Paul Davis. "I'll have to be honest it did concern me just a bit."

"I don't cross over, I go to meet somebody, meet my sister, bring her over," said Manny Madrid, who still has family in our sister city. He said they are fearing for their safety more than ever.

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Don't be afraid people! That's how they want you to feel. I'm going there this weekend to party my rumpus off. WOOOOOHHHHHHOOOOO!!!!!

But, would the drug cartels stop if the demand slowed down? And would the guerilleros stop their quest, whatever that may be? Anyways what do the guerilleros want. Mexico's government hasn't really protected all of it's citizens. Then what would stop the war? Would it be a country that does away with its government just as Cuba did?

Juarez and Mexico seem to be slowly fading away. Right now the most reasonable thing to think about is what to do if things get worse. Would you leave El Paso, or would you stay to protect your property. Our government seems capable enough to protect its citizens, but what if the bombings get worse? Not long ago bullets hit city hall. What if a bomb somehow hits downtown, or one of the bridges. I am sure that by now drug addicts on this side of the border are slowly getting off their addiction.

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