People Already Lining Up to See President Obama Speak

People Already Lining Up to See President Obama Speak

POSTED: Tuesday, May 10, 2011 - 8:45am

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 10, 2011 - 5:59pm

EL PASO – A line is already forming outside of Chamizal National Memorial Park, where President Obama is scheduled to speak at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

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reDumbicans say Immigration Reform is not racial
...yeah, and 70% of reDumbicans have questions on President Obama's citizenship and that is not racial either...OBAMA 2012
African Americans
Latinos and All people of color the strategy of the reDumbicans for 2012 is to divide and turn Latinos against Blacks, Blacks against Asians and Asians against Muslims
reDumbicans are all about race and racial politics

Gosh! I'm so excited! I was told by my boss that if I take time off to go see the president that I'll lose my job, because we have a big promotional event going on during the same time the president is speaking. I DON'T CARE! I'M GOING TO GO AND HEAR HIM SPEAK! Besides, he has promised to take care of me even if I don't have a job, and I could use a break anyway.

Thank goodness for President Obama! He is our saviour! I believe this with all my heart!

How can rely on a president that hasnt kept a single campaign promise? The way you expect to be taken care of even if you dont have a job, sounds like you are probably in the 25% of this city's population on food stamps and relying on the state to pay for you 10 kids. I say close the border and deport every person who does not have a legal right to be here. Im tired of footing the bill for lazy people to live off the government. If my husband and I can support our family on our own, anybody can.

that looks like obama himself, standing in line (with his hands in his own pockets for a change)

citizen D, the last time I checked Obama was not using anyones money but his own to take care of him and his family. If you are not happy with him you know what you can teabaggers..and see just how far you get!!!

This is Historic. We must not however play into politics one more term without any real action. I have always wanted to see him speak he looks like an honest guy. Take pictures for history today, God Bless.

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