Paul Strelzin, "Voice of El Paso", laid to rest

Paul Strelzin,
Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 5:47pm

Paul Strelzin, the iconic voice of El Paso, was laid to rest today.
While mourning his loss, family and friends made it clear Strelzin gave El Paso more than just a big voice. He gave the city his heart.

Strelzin died Saturday, family said, peacefully in his sleep.

Thursday they said goodbye to an educator, an announcer, a mentor.

"He was an icon in El Paso sports and an icon in El Paso culture," said longtime friend and colleague, Brian Kennedy of the El Paso Sports Commission.

Strelzin wasn't just admired. He changed courses of lives

"I was getting into trouble and I was always in his office and he was able to transition my frustrations and so forth into baseball, " said Larry Vucan.

His antics sometimes caused heated discussions.

"Good or bad, Paul always had an opinion and even if you disagreed with him, you had to know it was coming from a good place in his heart," Kennedy said.

"He gets a little bit of a rap for being the voice and mouth of El Paso, but his heart was gold. Complete gold," Vucan said.

The livesof Strelzin's loved ones are little quieter today and so is El Paso

"We love him very much and it's just been a privilege to have him in my life," Vucan said.

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Thank you Strelz for making El Paso your home and for being a shining example of what being a loving and caring human being should be. God Bless you and your family. I miss you and I will never forget you. Adios.

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