Passover Begins At Sundown

Monday, April 18, 2011 - 7:20pm

EL PASO - Tonight is a very special night in the Jewish religion.

Tonight is the first night of Passover, and will be celebrated with a Sader dinner. Passover represents the Jewish people's freedom from slavery in Egypt.

They will eat many significant foods like matzoh, a flat cracker-like bread, horseradish to remember the bitterness of slavery, and an onion to signify the Jewish people getting stepped on, much like vegetables.

"Tonight freedom was granted to the Jewish nation, no more being slave for Egypt, it's time to become a nation on your own," said local Rabbi Yisrael Greenberg.

Passover will continue for seven more days to represent the amount of time it took the Jews to reach the Red Sea after fleeing Egypt.

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