Park Opens in Ciudad Juarez in Memory of Women Murdered


POSTED: Monday, November 7, 2011 - 6:40pm

UPDATED: Monday, November 7, 2011 - 6:42pm

Almost 500 women have been killed in Ciudad Juarez since the violence began in 2006.

Almost 200 young women have been killed this year alone.

A memorial park opened in Ciudad Juarez today remembering the young women who have been killed or are missing from the city.

The relatives of the victims protested against the Mexican government for the injustices done to their daughters...

"We're here because they've never arrested the murderer of any of our daughters and the government is always promising things, but there are never any results," Lila Irasema Mendoza said.

The International Commission of Human Rights and the Mexican government opened the park that cost roughly $160,000 or 16 million pesos.

One father, who says his daughter is missing, thinks the government's money is being misused.

"They invested 16 million pesos when there isn't even internet in the Chihuahua State Prosecutors Office for the search of our daughters. What's that about" one father said.

Pink crosses and pictures line the park representing the victims.

A mother of one of the victims says the park located in the same place where eight women were found murdered in cotton fields is offensive.

"We think that what they are doing is a joke because they are taking pictures and they're happy and laughing like it was a monument but they don't know the distress and pain we went through when we lost our daughters and when we found their dead bodies," Irasema Mendoza said.

Most of the women who have gone missing since 2006 were factory workers and shop clerks, many of these cases have never been solved.

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