Parents Set Aside More Money This Year for Back to School Shopping


POSTED: Friday, August 6, 2010 - 10:50pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 6, 2010 - 10:51pm

Back to school shopping can be a tough time for families pinching pennies. But some families are more prepared this year to buy the necessities, and have been saving for months.

"Back to school is our christmas," said Office Depot store manager Miny Nieto. "It is one of our highest volume seasons of the year."

Her store on the eastside does the majority of its annual sales in July, August and September from moms trying to get the right notebook and binder.

But after last year's tight budget, Marisol Cruz says she went about back-to-school-shopping a little differently this year. 

"You just have to figure it in," she said. "With uniforms, you just have to figure it in somehow."

Last year she says she didn't quite set aside enough for the necessities.

"Am I setting aside more this year than last, most definitely, because economic times are a little easier this year than last."

And according to the National Retail Foundation, most parents intend to spend a little more. But Nieto says they're still having plenty of sales to attract customers.

"This year again you see a lot of customers coming in looking for values, the penny items, and things we have on sale, we see a lot of price matching."

Marisol admits it's easy to overspend in anticipation of the coming school year. 

"I budgeted 50 so I guess I went over by 25," she said. "I guess my grocery bill will be 25 less this week."

But to see the eager looks on her sons faces, she says it just may be worth it. 

This weekend is a good one to do your back to school shopping, if you live in New Mexico - Friday is the start of the tax holiday. Through Sunday most clothing, school supplies and computers, will not be taxed. Texas tax-free weekend starts August 20th. 

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