Parents of Teen Shot and Killed on Border Want Justice


POSTED: Monday, January 24, 2011 - 5:49pm

UPDATED: Friday, April 27, 2012 - 4:41pm

Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guereca was shot last June in Juarez by a U.S. Border Patrol Agent.

But, there are two sides to this story and video of the shooting is difficult to interpret.

The FBI says Sergio and his friends were attacking a Border Patrol agent by throwing rocks at them, but his father Jesus Hernandez says that's impossible.

"In the video it shows where my son is pulling up his pants. There is no way he could have been throwing rocks. He was giving his back to them," Hernandez said.

The family says they filed a law suit in Federal Court to prove his innocence.
His parents denied all accusations that their son smuggled drugs and people across the border.

"They should have something archived, if they say that prove it. Just like we show our face to prove to them my son is innocent, that my son wasn't a drug addict the authorities need to prove what they are saying about my son," Guereca said.

His mother Maria Guadalupe Guereca says Sergio was a happy child and that he never caused any problems.

"He played soccer, he was in an anti-gang group, he had good conduct as a student,"Guereca said.

The loss of their child still brings this family to tears.

"What would you do if he was you family member? It's a strong pain. I wish it would have been me over him," Hernandez said.

The FBI investigated this case clearing the Border Patrol agent of doing anything wrong. He is now back on duty.

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Giving him back the rocks? WTF??

In the video that father claims there were no rocks even in the area. Hmmm in the picture above I see at least a dozen rocks alone right next to the boys body. Right there shows they don't know what they are talking about. My boy was a angel! Yeah and OJ was framed! It's disgusting these parents are doing this. If the US government settles with these "parents of the year" there better be a stipulation that neither of them are allowed to ever reproduce a spawn again.

Wow! It seems like mexicans have more rights in america than we (americans) do.....all the americans we lost in mexico due to dirty cops and the parents are lucky if they get their son or daughters body back...this kid had been caught before breaking the law....threaten to kill one of our agents as soon as he picked up that rock....mexican mothers should take this as a lesson learn...raise your boys to be men not criminals...your welcome

If Adrian was such a good student and good kid, what the heck was he doing there? I don't believe that the officer shot him for any other reason than why he says he did. Let this be a lesson to ANYBODY who threatens our borders and those who defend it. What gives the family the right to sue? I don't think they are from the United States, are they? Stay in your wretched land. We don't have time for you peasants!

Hmm, bad parenting=$25 million? Any death of a 15 yr old is tragic, even this one. Even if Sergio was innocent of any wrong doing (which I highly doubt), what kind of parents would allow a 15 yr old to think that U.S. Federal Agents getting pelted with rocks is a spectator sport? Why was his body so close to the rivers edge? It’s easier to hit a target with a rock when you’re closer to it! Sometimes you roll the dice and you lose. If that would have been taught to Sergio, he may still be here.

Why doesn't Channel 9 report our side of the story instead of reporting on the Mexicans who want justice ($$$)? Of course the MEX will say their son was a good person.

Instead of giving their story why don't you support our country men? Give your support to the Border Patrol and tell what they have to go through with the MEX.

I will not be surprised when they get their justice ($$$) with lawyers from the U.S. and news coverage only giving the MEX side of it.

The U.S. has become a joke.

Maybe you should sue your own government for allowing your son to be involved in such an aggressive and violent act on another country!
Too bad for you!

THIS IS BS! If this child was such a sweet loving son, who was part of anti-gang clubs, why wasn't he is school that day? If the parents win, the lawyers get most of it and what is left the drug dealers and petty criminals will take it. My heart breaks that a child was killed however if he wasn't there throwing rocks, why was he there?
I wish I lived in El Paso and got a chance to be on the jury. I would vote no,and then ask that the city sue the lawyers and the family for wasting our tax $

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