Parents Concered About Intersection Where Girl Dies


POSTED: Wednesday, February 1, 2012 - 9:39pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 9, 2012 - 2:50pm

FAR EAST EL PASO- Their classmate died trying to cross the street, and Wednesday night both students and parents from El Paso's Bill Sybert Elementary School continue to mourn.

The El Paso Police Department says 11-year-old Michelle Solis is the victim of Tuesday night's accident. The same truck hit her friend Sandy Hernandez, but thankfully she will survive.
Elvira Barraza has a child at the school. She says she tried to help save the little girl’s life.

Barraza was just feet way from where the truck hit Solis.

"Some kid started yelling that someone had gotten run over. So, I just ran over here and the little girl was on the floor. I was going to school for nursing, so I know how to do CPR and all that stuff. I wanted to see what I could do, but there was already someone there helping her out,” said Barraza.

Barraza says drivers don't respect the reduced speed limit outside The Bill Sybert School.

"Yesterday morning when I dropped of my daughter, I had this man cuss me off because I was slowing down. I was going to turn towards the school,” said Barraza.

On Wednesday, classmates left balloons and flowers at her memorial.

"It was really sad. I almost cried because it's, I'm mean that's not supposed to be happening. I mean it's really sad for the little girl and the parents,” said Celia Pease.

Pease’s son is a fourth grader at the victims school. She is begging drivers to slow down.

"To be honest this intersection is dangerous because cars are always fast. I see the guards from this school. They try to stop them. People don't respect the speed limit,” said Pease.

El Paso police say 33-year-old Blanca Schuler was driving the truck. Police say she did nothing wrong, and that she had a green light. They aren't giving her a ticket connected to this tragic accident.


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maybe if we rec certian streets that have school zones or schools near by we can show that more attention is needed here from cops then for example a cop hiding under a bridge on railroad

and one more thing i take my son to a head start and people completly ignor the school zone i once had a man run over me and my son and we were in a cross walk he was goin 45 but thank god he was able to brake i got very mad and slmaed my hand on his hood and pointed at the speed limit sign.i have been recording with my phone these people who do not go the speed limt an ill keep doin it to prove it

it is life people we live we die...and it is very sad to know this happen to the lil girl...its sad that this lady who was driving the truck will always live with guilt...and for the parents i know the pain will always be there...i take this as a lesson to all the drivers and childern FOLLOW RULES AND LAWS LESSON FOR EVERYONE my prayers go out to the family of both sides

This is all very sad for all parties involved. Little Michelle had no idea earlier that afternoon that her life was about to end. 5 seconds would have made all the difference - they would have made it across the street safely - if only the truck had gotten to the intersection five seconds later than it did. It is obvious the children did not see the truck and the driver did not see the children in time. Sincere condolences is all I can offer.

What you people are not understanding is this is NOT A SCHOOL ZONE, it is across the street from the school and coming from the direction the drive was in, there is NO signs and the speed limit is a normal speed limit. My child goes to this school and we live on this street. Sometime accidents happen that take lives and they are just heartbreaking and tragic accidents with no one to blame and this is the case in this situation. My prayers go to the DRIVER and the FAMILY of the little girl.

Regardless if its not a school zone!! Whether the light is green or red!! Driver should definatelly stop! Driver must have been distracted, IF SHE DID NOT SEE THESE CHILDREN CROSSING! I hope this driver suffers the consequences!! We miss you Michelle!! R.I.P.

I know the Driver she is a very good person with a great heart, she is against speeding, cell phone distractions,she works with children with special needs and loves children, this was a very traggic accident, She mourns over the loss of the the little girl,She is in shock over this,u think if she would of seen them she wouldnt stop ofcourse she would, but her view was blocked by the white truck that bearly missed the children as the driver of white truck stated on his report, it was an accident

When you are driving in a school zone you should be prepared to stop for kids no matter what the reason is. Speed limits in a school zone are lower and if children are present you should drive below the limit. If she was going a safe speed and tried to stop, the little girl would still be alive. This woman is lucky it was not my child.

This could have been any driver... I am so sorry for the parents and my heart breaks for this little girl who lost her life but anyone one of us could have been the driver that hit her. It would be almost impossible to stop if a child bolted in front of your vehicle when you are going 45 MPH! Don't be upset at the driver, it's a tragic situation!!!!!

my prayers go out to the family, i think there should be a law now MICHELLE LAW, keep the flashing light at the school zone till 5 pm, since there are kids getting out late from school and drivers can start looking out for kids crossing.

When you decide to get behind the wheel of a car and are licensed to drive, you make a conscious decision every single time to be responsible out there for your actions while driving and to always look ahead atleast 10 seconds in front of you. Even if the little girls did not have a light to go ahead, a licensed and competent driver would have stopped, and SHOULD have stopped regardless of green light. Sad that idiots driving only see one foot in front of themselves.

And one other thing....El Paso Polic Department....You guys are nothing but a bunch of highly paid traffic bout you guys stop hiding out on Montana at night at the end of the 50 mph zone or on the freeway and maybe go do some real police work!...starting with this intersection at Lee and Edgemere.

she did nothing wrong? really?
i pray she lives with the guilt for killing a little girl.

I do agree that EP has horrible drivers and I have seen people speed through school zones and it really makes me angry because something similar to this could happen but this woman wasn't speeding and I doubt that the PD would try to cover something like this up. There's a child involved.

ok, so from my understanding she should be charged and left to rot in prison for the rest of her life for an accident that really wasn't her fault? That little girl lost her life and that woman will never have a clear conscience ever again. Those who are free from sin should cast the first stone then, huh? People make mistakes and I feel really bad for that little girl but we all make mistakes and I bet we wouldnt be saying that if we were in the situation. We would be scared!

Also, in my home state of Utah, we stop when we see people in the road regardless if the light is green or not. People in El Paso drive worse than the people in Korea and that is saying a lot. I do not feel this woman should get a ticket or be charged with manslaughter as she did not break the law. Accident happen and people need to accept that and let it go instead of trying to place blame. I send much love and light to Michelle's family and friends.

My children attend Bill Sybert. My daughter has tutoring 3 days a week. She leaves at 4:15 and there are no crossing guards and the school crossing lights are NOT flashing to reduce speeds to 20 miles and hour. This little girl was hit and killed at 4:30. While some news sources are reporting the school crossing guards stay till 4 and the reduce speed lights are left flashing, that is simply NOT TRUE!!! No matter what the law says in my home state we stop when we see people in the road!

OMG! No ticket? Has anyone seen the truck? How fast was this lady going to have hit two little girls and have one die?!? >:( What is wrong with EPPD? She must have seen them trying to cross the street for sure! And she should have stopped and maybe even yell at them, at least the one child would still be alive! I have no sentiment for that lady and I hope she never drives again, she is obviously a risk out there! And please people, do not reply to my comment about her feelings and such.

This woman does have "feelings and such". The driver involved in this unfortunate accident is also deserving of our thoughts and prayers as she was not at fault. She obviously did not see the children trying to cross the street. The driver is also a victim of a very horrible, unintentional accident. At the time of the accident, there was no school zone in effect as the time was close to 4:30 in the afternoon. My heart and prayers go out to this victim of someone else's actions.Don't be ignorant.

Thank you for ur support we are hurting as well and we are praying for both familes it was a traggic accident, She is besides herself and cant belive this happen she is a wounderful person thar loves children and fights for them why this happen to her only God knows, she works with special needs children and they miss her much, she is in shock over this shes always watching over them afterschool she holds them and stays with them until parent arrives,my prayers go to both involved. God bless.

I honestly believe, the woman driving the truck should be charged. This was a death of a child, could be anyone's child next..she needs to be put away for good...Children don't always make wise decisions, but an adult should know better. I sympathize with the parents for this loss and my prayers are with them...may God have mercy on the person that was driving...this will be on her conscience for EVER>>>>

The reason for no ticket is that the girls walked against a GREEN light crosswalk or no crosswalk the truck had the right of way, you want his to stop so everyone behind him can run into HIM PLEASE!!! wake-up and im tierd of parnets saying "something should be done ONLY when something happenes to their family.
Yes its sad but the law ios the law. PAY ATTENTION

Yes maybe the girl had a green light who cares!! The driver needs to pay attention!! Common Sense!! Look out!! She must have been on the phone or something!! This aint over!!

You are talking about the an Eleven year old child. We have to look out for them, we are the adults. The lady is 33 years old. If she is a decent person she wll be living in hell for some time. You are stupid as you title your message "PAY ATTENTION". The adult is the one who should pay attention. She was driving at a high rate of speed in very close proximity to the SCHOOL. The Cops don't always get it right. The Law is wrong and so are you, 91wakeup!


Why would you give a ticket to someone who ran two kids over and one died? That's called involuntary manslaughter, not a traffic violation. If the child was crossing at the crosswalk, it doesn't matter if she had a green light, the pedestrian has the right away no matter what. What is wrong with people today? I sympathize with the parents, I really do.

No ticket?

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