Panty Raid Proves To Be No Practical Joke


POSTED: Monday, April 11, 2011 - 5:35pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 - 2:31pm

EL PASO - Panty raids used to be a harmless practical joke, but not this time. Tonight a west El Paso store tells us thousands of dollars in lingerie is gone.

The thieves walked away with 500 pair of panties from the Victoria's Secret store in Sunland Park Mall.

"I think it's sad to hear that some store gets robbed, it doesn't matter what store, if it's the dollar store, I think it's bad to get robbed," said mall shopper Marisol Mendez.

"I think its pretty funny actually, why would you steal panties from Victoria's Secret?" asked shopper Rosa Rodriguez.

Here are the sheer facts - it happened Saturday night just before closing. Thieves waited for an employee to turn the other way. They grabbed hundreds of "cheekies," which cost up to $17 each.

"Try to get easy money, it's a very common situation," said mall shopper Edgar Gomar.

"It could've been just like a prank, somebody who wanted to take it, or even someone who wants to sell it, they make money off it," Mendez added.

An employee told us off-camera she believes the same group of people recently hit an Albuquerque store; this panty raid could be on a tour of the southwest.

"Probably young group of kids doing it for kicks and to make money on the side probably," said Robyn Clark-Chapman.

The police haven't made their report, so we don't know all of the intimate details. We've left messages with Victoria's Secret, asking for surveillance camera video. The store hasn't called back.

"I blame it on the economy, because a lot of people are desperate, they'll steal, they'll do whatever, tough times!" said Mendez.

We're also calling Albuquerque police to confirm the theft there, and see whether the crimes can be compared cheek to cheek.

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your innuendos on this story are horrible....just horrible. lol

Panties getting stolen, This is a news worthy story!!! Get some real stories that affect peoples way of life. Pathetic story!

Initimate details and panties in the same news article - someone was having fun in the new office...


wow thats all i have to say

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