Overnight Pipe Break Floods Neighborhood

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 - 10:23am

EL PASO- A water main pipe broke and flooded the streets of a downtown neighborhood.

At the intersection of Rosewood and Pershing, water gushed in all directions after a pipe burst just after midnight on Monday morning. While water filled the street, people inside their homes couldn't get a drop of running water. Residents in the area say this isn't the first time it's happened.

Alfredo Rodriguez was about to brush his teeth and go to bed when he couldn't run any water. "I walked down the corner and sure enough you could see the water coming over the railroad tracks..it was pretty bad, it was pretty strong." He says it's happened numerous times and El Paso Water Utilities temporarily fixes the problem. " I'd rather sacrifice being a day with out water because they're replacing it...then a week from now, a month from now it breaks again and we're outta water again for a couple days."

El Paso Water Utilities crews worked all day to repair the pipe. They say they're aware that the pipe has broken before.  "We've identified the problem area of this specific line and a design is already in place to replace that portion of the line that has seen several breaks," said Christina Montoya, El Paso Water Utilities.

Water was restored to the residents early in the afternoon. Montoya says the problem area is only a tenth of a mile long in an underground pipeline system that covers 2,500 miles beneath El Paso.

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