Open Meetings law could be modernized

Open Meetings law could be modernized
Thursday, March 7, 2013 - 10:55pm

A new bill in the Texas senate could change the way open meetings are held.

Elected leaders, from city councils to school boards across the state, would now be able to meet in an online chat forum that would be open to the public.

Officials wouldn't be allowed to vote on any items during these online sessions.

"It will allow these public officials to be more productive," said Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

"They won't have to wait until the next meeting to communicate with each other, instead, they can communicate with each other between meetings so that when they do go to the next meeting, they'll be a step ahead, and be able to take action hopefully more swiftly."

There are some restrictions. Among them, there can only be one message board per government entity, and communications must stay online at least 30 days following the chat.

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