Old Plaza Hotel Furniture For Sale Tomorrow

Old Plaza Hotel Furniture For Sale Tomorrow
Friday, March 9, 2012 - 6:11pm

A little piece of El Paso history.

That's what El Pasoans are trying to get their hands on at tomorrows big sale.

Everything from furniture and kitchen utensils from the old Plaza Hotel and the Blue Flame Building are up for grabs to the public.

An El Paso Native and a collector of all things Borderland, Nick Gomez, is thrilled that items from the Plaza Hotel and Blue Flame are for sale.

"I came through to get little bits of El Paso's past. Anything that's El Paso fascinates me it's jut more of an excitement to get something that was actually from our city," Gomez said.

Gomez says it's more than just old chairs and beds, it's bringing home that piece that has a story.

"It's a chance to have apart of El Paso from where we still have opportunities like this where other cities don't have anything left from their past," Gomez said.

Mary Weyant is in charge of helping shoppers find that perfect item.

"They love it most have them have historic homes and they even buy a lot of fixtures to put into their homes they've just been so excited about it," Weyant said.

Some people come in and buy things as cheap as 25 cents.

"Like I said with the creamers, they just want they little piece of something oh this is from the Hilton and it's wonderful," Weyant said.

Because they want everyone to have a chance to have a piece of history.

"And we've got things here priced to sell we want people to be able to afford to take them to redo them of they need to have something that they can hold onto,"Weyant said.

Nick says he had no idea what he'd find at the sale.

"I just come in with an open mind ready for anything. Like some of the stuff I saw here I didn't expect to see it and I'm leaving with things like oh wow and I just grab that," Gomez said.

But he couldn't have asked for more.

The sale is tomorrow at 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Blue Flame building on 120 N. Stanton in downtown El Paso.

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