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Officer Molina laid to rest at Fort Bliss


POSTED: Friday, October 12, 2012 - 8:20pm

UPDATED: Monday, October 15, 2012 - 10:24am

It was a sea of blue at the funeral services for fallen El Paso police officer Jonathan Molina. He tragically passed away late last week from injuries he sustained on September 25th when he was allegedly attacked by a 17-year -old. Family members, friends, colleagues and the community gathered to remember his life.

His girlfriend's aunt spoke to News Channel Nine about how she had visited Molina in the hospital.

"And we knew we lost hope that he was not gonna make it at all. The way they left him it was just unbearable to see. It's something that the last moment you see them, you don't wanna see them like that," said Ruby Gonzalez, the aunt of Molina's girlfriend.

She will always remember him as a very special person.

“Nicest guy ever, he was funny, he always had a smile on his face," said Gonzalez.

Dozens of police officers attended the funeral, but police chief Greg Allen said the service wasn't just for them to mourn the loss of Molina.

"Everyone becomes one badge when something like this happens. The difference is between our different agencies. Its no longer something that separates us, it actually unites us because of the badge," said Allen.

While he didn't know him personally, Allen says he knew his reputation.

"He was a hard worker.Worked the b shift at central patrol.Dedicated to public service because of his service to the nation as a United States marine."

Fellow officer Omar Rivera worked that shift with Molina.

"Had been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. He served his country. He served his country well and proud and he served his city well also. It was always good to just be together and work together, covering each other's back. We both served El Paso with duty, honor and commitment," said Rivera.

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RIP Warrior Molina..I ask God to hold your family in His loving arms during their grief..

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