Officer Charged with Robbery Was Arrested 3 Times Before


POSTED: Tuesday, October 12, 2010 - 6:20pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 14, 2010 - 1:53pm

We are learning new details about an officer who was arrested over the weekend for allegedly trying to steal a money box while working off-duty at a wedding.

County court records show 18-year-police veteran Alberto Madrid was arrested in 2002 for driving while intoxicated and assault causing bodily injury. Madrid was then arrested for a second DWI in 2006. All of the cases against him were dismissed. While the process to fire Madrid has begun, the severity of the allegations leaves many wondering how this could have happened.

"It is very unusual that someone would throw their career away over something like that," said George DeAngelis is a retired assistant police chief. After hearing that a patrol sergeant may have stolen from a wedding, he was very disappointed.

"Especially finding out that he was an 18-year veteran," he said.

According to the court affidavit, Madrid snatched a gift box at this reception hall where a wedding party was celebrating Saturday night. Police say Madrid tried to make off with the gift and jumped in his truck. When several guests confronted him outside, police say Madrid tried to run them over. One witness had to jump on the hood of his truck to avoid being hit. Police say that the witness held on for nearly a third of a mile until this intersection where he was knocked off the car and left in the street. That victim is said to have suffered from back and wrist injuries but is expected to be OK.

The charge is aggravated robbery, a second degree felony, more severe than attempted murder.

"He should be held responsible on all sides, both administratively and criminally," DeAngelis said.

Madrid was working off-duty in his police uniform, something that's allowed as long as the officer has put in a request and gotten approval. We asked the department today on the status of Madrid's approval but they did not know. We've also put in a request to see all of the complaints filed against Madrid. Our request has not answered.

DeAngelis says the department should take a good look at proactive measures to make sure this doesn't happen again.

"It would've been nice to get that help before it came to this," he said.

A sergeant in El Paso makes anywhere between $57,000 and $69,000. If convicted, Madrid could face up to 99 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

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its sad to see ignorant el pasoans automatically accusing all eppd officers of acting this way....oh but wait they are your heroes should you need their assistance, right! compare them to juarez cops-pls lets be realistic. UNDERPAID-yes they are and thats because they put up humanities stupidities(magets) like responding to a subject w/a gun, shots fired, domestic violence, robbery,etc...the list goes on. GOD forbid anything happen to you ignorant people, lets see whos the first to respond!

What a sad day for El Paso One dies and one is a disgrace to the uniform.

How is it, that after been charge with DWI, and all the other charges; he still was a sargent? Why do they let this be a example for others to see, how leaders act, and behave. It should have never gotten to this point, who knows how much has this person gotten away with? He has brought only shame to himself, and the department for allowing him to serve.

DA Jaime Esparza is the individual who filed motions asking the court to dismiss Madrid's cases. Esparza has a look the other way policy when it comes to bad acting cops.

There should be as story on why Esparza keeps petitioning judges to dismiss these kinds of cases. All injuries sustained in the instant wedding case can be laid at Esparza's feet. Madrid should have been prosecuted and convicted by Esparza three crimes ago.

Police officers in this city are above the law because they often protect each other, like when stopped for driving under the influence.

How can one be suprised at this? The EPPD has been an embarrassment to our city for years. Thankfully, they are too underfunded to do any real damage. Lets keep it that way.

99 years sounds about right... but as before more than likely he will have the charges dropped. Wake up EPT these clowns are in bed together. How else could he have gotten off of not one but two DWI's and still kept his cop job. Just about all public servamts in EP are corrupt.

photos of teachers who are accused of child indicency are plastered on the tv and news, you really don't think their lives are in danger? or anybody else for that matter! the sheriff's department is quick to release a photo of an accused person of a crime. so is our life not that important?is the life of a soldier not important? cops are nobody special their life is not more important than any other el pasoan! we have families and social lives just like any other police officer!

the media might not believe that the el paso police are as crooked and corrupt as the juarez police but, after this incident i hope that el pasoans will realize what kind of police force we have "protecting" us they LIE,CHEAT,& STEAL. don't be fooled el pasoans open your eyes and don't look away report crooked lying cops!!!they arrest,handcuff and beat-up fellow el pasoans behind closed doors just like juarez report them to interal affairs or the FBI office they are as crooked as city council!!!

why is it when an el pasoan is arrested his/her photo is plastered all over the tv and newspaper? but when it comes to el paso's so called finest they are exempt from this humiliation!! they should be held to a higher standard,not like us ordinary citizens of the sun city who are huniliated on the tv and paper daily!what an example this officer was arrested twice for DWI and assult!!i pray that he gets fried for this!theft,attempted murder,if it was anyone of us we would never get out of jail!!!

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