Occupy El Paso Protesters Given Citations


POSTED: Monday, November 14, 2011 - 5:47pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - 3:18pm

EL PASO- Occupy El Paso's permit from the city expired Sunday afternoon in time for the Christmas lights to be set up.

Most protestors had packed up their things and left, but a few stayed behind. Police arrived and handed out 13 citations. The few that stayed behind wanted to make sure that their message was heard.

"The main message is corporate greed and laundering in the government since the beginning. It stretches it's branches very far, very deep in every situation in every category," said protester Edward Nathaniel.

The protestors plan to move their demonstration from San Jacinto Plaza to Cleveland Park. "We plan on going to Cleveland Park, setting up camp, putting up information, hopefully we get new people, new visitors, new eyes, new ideas, we need local support, so please come out and show your support," said Nathaniel.

Occupy El Paso will have a meeting tonight at Cleveland Park and decide as a group on their next move. They do plan on attending tomorrow's City Council meeting to ask for a new permit.

People around San Jacinto Plaza were not supportive of the Occupy El Paso movement.

One person who wanted to remain anonymous expressed his frustration. "I hear what they're talking about, they have people saying we need this, we need that to help the poor, we need to cut corporate greed..I agree VOTE."

He says that Occupy El Paso should do something more useful than to hang around a public park. "If you wanna cut corporate greed, get on the board, vote for the people and watch the board, make sure the right people are instilled on your board."

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first off how dilusional does one have to be to think they can change the system by voting when the !% they are talking about controls the system. Thats what the protest is about, its about financial inequality. This is how small minded EP is.

This movement is much bigger than you or I its about narrowing the gap between the poor and middle class to the elite, what are you not getting? Shame on a news station for not knowing better.

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