"Occupy El Paso" Protest Planned Today


POSTED: Friday, October 7, 2011 - 7:15am

UPDATED: Friday, October 28, 2011 - 2:07pm

EL PASO - As protesters in New York City and across the nation struggle against police and a lack of coverage by national media, a local group has formed in El Paso to join the Occup Wall Street movement.

The new group, Occupy El Paso, formed last week.  Its organizers plan a gathering at 6 p.m. Friday night at San Jacinto Plaza in downtown El Paso.

Like the Occupy Wall Street group in New York, the El Paso group decries the concentration of wealth in the U.S., where, they claim, 1% of the population holds 75% of the nation's wealth.

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the protest isnt only about the banks ist about how the goverment is using the money to fund the war instead of using it for schools and also medicare and other resourses in my oppion what good is this protest going to be if we seek the concial permission for this protets its not going to make our voices heard at all we need to take control its just dume to protest in the required areas they tell you where you can protest and at what time ...wake up people we are being controled once again ...

The wealthy 1% controls the money, the media and the politicians. US has become an olligarchy like the countries in Central and South America where political parties fight only for THEIR interests WTF. What kind of laws are those which allow the banks to steal from people, or making it practically impossible to afford a college educ. 90% of the citizens cannot afford medical insurance in the richest country of the world? This protest isn´t about comunism, it´s about justice and Real democracy.

i am so tired of people always looking for a handout. its sickening. i have worked constantly since i was 15 years old and am now in a medical situation to where i cant work (at 28 years old) and it is driving me to the point of insanity!! why do so many people feel that they deserve some type of handout? if you didnt control your life during or after school then that is your own fault and no one owes you anything. wake up folks we control what happens in our own lives!! (just my thoughts)

If you own a company you should keep what you make. It's called a profit. If you don't like that, you will probably be more comfortable in a country like Cuba. Capitalism rewards those who work hard and are willing to take financial risks. Communism is the government style some of you seem to want.

I'm going to protest because too many Juarenos live here.

Im going to go protest because I'm upset with Bank of America. I think every hard working middle class citizen should be upset and fear this ridiculous amount of power.

im upset with bank of america too. ive been a customer for 2 years and never had an issue with my account but now they want to charge me for my debit card?? if that happens i will go get a pre paid card from somewhere that has a one time fee and direct deposit ability and use that for a debit card. forget the banks. theyre all a bunch of money hungry execs who have no idea what its like to be nickel and dimed!!

Bank of America doesn't care if you protest. Bank of America will only care when they lose enough customers. Are you still banking with them? It's time to find a good credit union.

Their hearts are in the right place just wrong idea. Yes there are certain families that date back to 1860s that control alot of the U.S. industries and private sectors...its a fact but thats not what we should be fighting for.

We should be fighting for whats right..like affordable higher education, housing, job creation, and proper medical care. If not then a regim change of all politicians will happen and riots like the UK will happen if politicians don't change their tunes

From the local comments that I have read, it seems to me that they are all either members or wannabe members of the Tea Party. I also figure that they are a little bit scared that the occupy wall street movememnt is spreading and that it will catch on and hurt the Republican and Tea Party's agenda of the rich get richer while the rest of the 99% in this country keep getting poorer.

All you are not that smart, and frankly I am not surprised. El Paso has a 1% voter turnout in elections, the population in majority military brain-washed citizens. I would love to hear anyone in these posts explain to me the Patriot Act, the $800 bill. bailout money to fat cats, what a PAC is, or even the #1 thing what is a derivatives and how did the people on the top prosper by making these investments on the 08' market crash. Or even explain how we, as a nation effected the whole "WORLD ECON.

No, ofcourse not... tell me what is Black Water and who in the big 5 top U.S. leader controled the majority shares? All this was happening while people were being force feeed patriotism, and people were busy watching Survivor, or whatever other stupid media...!!!

i disagree with most of the teabaggers posting here. this country needs change. i dont want a decent job with decent wages to "trickle down" to me. the super rich have been screwing us for too long now.

The American Constitution, under the 1st Amendment, guarantees the right to petition. I agree that many people (especially here in El Paso)some times do not know what they are protesting against, I also find it freshening and inspiring that a small part of the American population has decided to take a stand and ask for the changes they think appropriate. And although I have a job, go to school, and enjoy the many opportunities offered by MY country,I empathize with those seeking political change

1% wouldn't hold 75% of the nation's wealth if these worthless bums would get a job.

wow who is Warren Buffett, and what is his proposal to the President?

The wealthy have their money because THEY and THEIR progenitors WORKED FOR IT.
If you goofed off during School because "it was cool", then don't demonize people who WORKED while in School, and then WORKED after getting out of School. THEY are reaping the rewards of THEIR DILIGENCE, while YOU are reaping the "rewards" for YOUR LAZINESS.
If you are in this Country ILLEGALLY, then you are reaping the rewards of flaunting our laws and will always be looking over your shoulder for
La Migre.

I most likely have more of an education than you. Ive been in the high tech field for the last 25 years. I cant find a job and don't tell me I'm lazy. I am only back here in good ole EP because its so cheap and I can try to live on what I have saved all those years. So Taylor do me a favor and STFU!

I will be downtown tonight!

And to assume that people that protest to these are illegals, you are very ignorant, as most illegal immigrants rather not do anything that might get the attention of authorities over them, such as protesting. Your post makes me wonder if YOU went to school.

There are thousands of people filing for unemployment weekly - many of these guys have degrees because they were told that going to school would solve their lives. It's not a matter of education, it's the fact that the laws that govern us and decisions taken by the government are made not with the people's best interest in mind, but with those of a few elite that are able to shape the way our country is run.

As my wonderful city joins the crazies in this country, I cry. 1% holds 75% of the wealth? Amazing what hard work will do. Do they not pay 75% of the taxes? Is it not true that 45% of those living in the US do not pay taxes? If you don't like the "concentration of the wealth" in the U.S., GET AN EDUCATION, GET A JOB and be part of that concentration. You can do it if you try, but you won't, you want freebies.

Lack of coverage ... OMG! Coverage is coming out my ears and still only the news media knows why "they" are marching.

If they(El Paso group of Occupy El Paso) are concerned about 1% of people holding 75% of wealth, they should first find out how they got that way in the first place. People in El Paso have jumped on the band wagon for a various number of walk outs and rallies and the vast majority have no reason why they are protesting, they just want to walk out of school or get their 15 minutes of fame. They should be occupying the plaza in protest of our own county and city officials being corrupt.

The worst Utility Company in El Paso is the El Paso Water Company. I seriously believe El Paso should concentrate and focus on making El Paso Water Company to come down on their rates substantially. All of El Paso is getting Totally Extortioned by this Utiity Company.

These people need to get a life and manage their own future instead of thinking the world owes them something. Take care of yourselves instead of waiting for the government to take care of you!!

So what's new? Jesus said there will always be whiners...!

really? and which jesus would that be mr. bible scholar?

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