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Occupy El Paso Protest Downtown Could Last 3 Weeks


POSTED: Monday, October 17, 2011 - 9:59pm

UPDATED: Sunday, October 30, 2011 - 1:02am

EL PASO - The Occupy Wall Street movement is spreading and it reached Downtown El Paso Monday afternoon.

Occupy El Paso protesters are standing up against what they call corporate greed and economic inequality.

The protest started at noon Monday at San Jacinto Plaza with about 20 protesters, but that number is expected to grow. The city said it has granted the protesters a special permit that allows them to camp out overnight in the park until November 12th.

"We're not calling for the downfall of Capitalism or anything like that," said protester Xavier Miranda.

He is a local school teacher who says he's upset over funding cuts, growing class sizes and a diluted cultural curriculum.

"That's one of my main motivations to be here," he said. Other protesters reject the current financial system saying big corporations have too much control over the government.

"With wealth controlling our government, it influences how candidates are funded and who can run for government," said another protester, Liz Furman. “What we see is that average people don't have a lot of say in what's going on."

Most protesters are demanding some sort of change.

"I support this idea and this movement," said Alicia Quiroz. “The system is broken and it needs to be fixed or else more people are going to get screwed over."

The protesters say they plan to occupy San Jacinto Plaza for about the next three weeks in shifts because that's how long the city permit allows

"We expect it to get bigger everyday," said Gilbert Gonzalez. “We understand that people have to work and have school and it's hard to be here every day."

Gonzalez works and goes to school. But he plans to be here for as many days as he can. He's even camping out on the plaza for the first day of the protest. He showed us his tent and supplies. He encourages anyone to come down and join the movement

"We'll be here 24 days or more. We're hoping they extend that permit because we're not leaving until things start changing."

The city's permit overrides the park curfew hours of 10pm-6am. That's why protesters are allowed to camp out overnight.

Protesters chose the location because it's right across the street from some major corporate banks.

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I feel sorry for those people that are going to wait until things change. You will be trere for a very long time. What happened with your hope and change??????

What a bunch of losers!

This demonstration will not get it done. All of these people are clean, well dressed, have jobs or are active students. You've got to be dirty, dressed in weird hippy fashion, willing to have sex and use the toilet facilities outdoors, have a low IQ and be at least mildly nuts to come up to the New York demos. El Paso has never been able to do the hippy thing because it is just too clean cut.
Thank goodness!

You're missing the point Happy El Pasoan. The message that these protesters are trying to convey is what matters, not their appearance. "Willing to have sex?," that makes absolutely no sense (we all have a sex, either female or male). These people are in favor of a more fair representation of the working man in Washington. Go Protestors! I will join you soon!

The people you are protesting about are the people who creat jobs and pay wages for work. However, work is a dirty word here in El Paso, land of the :Gimmie something for nothing".

You bums should get a job. If you have time to rally downtown, then you don't work enough - period. I guess you support the Nazi party, the Socialist party, and the Communist parties who have come to the aid of the Wall Street protestors. They are even being backed by China now. You people are anti-American useful idiot filth. There is no 99%, just the 53% who pay taxes. GET A JOB YOU BUMS!!!!

Get a mind of your own commiesarebums...

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