"Occupy El Paso" Makes Last Minute Change Of Plans


POSTED: Saturday, October 15, 2011 - 7:09pm

UPDATED: Monday, October 17, 2011 - 4:28pm

EL PASO - Protestors are calling today "The Global Day of Action" against "corporate greed," but so far no protests have spread to the Sun City.

Members of "Occupy El Paso" have been meeting in the San Jacinto Plaza to organize their efforts to join the worldwide movement. Initially they decided to start protesting on Saturday, but on Saturday morning organizers changed their plans.

Now we're told "Occupy El Paso" will officially join the movement on Monday. They plan on protesting for 24 days.

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We do have the courage to make a difference. We are trying.

There is no "Fiesta" or "Crutch". What about Unity? Why not join the group and you help organize, then you can have your fiesta.

There was a group ready to protest on Saturday morning but they couln't figure out what they were protesting. Besides, Friday is party night and can't get up on Saturday morning.

Spoken like true sheep. I mean, bah bah bah bahhh.

Wow, they can't keep their appointment to the unemployment office, but they're going to the rally? Hey, since you all are going to be close to the border, why not cross over the bridge and ask the "greedy cartels" for some of their money?

they better be careful. there's lots of people rushing around trying to get to work around here.

lol ya god forbid they have to spend their weekend protesting !!

geez...maybe there are more employed in el paso than we thought.

The local culture lacks the courage to make a difference, and bite the hand that feeds them. They cannot even form a union for the blue collar workers. But they they do know how to have a fiesta, and find a crutch for not succeding in life. In other words, do not hold your breath for this movement to take hold in el paso

Wow! What a racist your are. So why do you live here? - to take advantage of the blue collar, fiesta loving, scared locals? Most of those protesting are white kids with nothing better to do who think copying those in New York will make a difference.

Hippies! Get a job!

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