Obama Hosts Calderon at State Dinner Tonight


POSTED: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - 5:48pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 21, 2010 - 4:17pm

Washington D.C. - The Obama administration is hosting its second state dinner tonight, this time honoring the President of Mexico.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama greeted Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Mrs. Margarita Zavala tonight.

It was their first grand arrival ceremony.

The dinner is in the white house east room.

A guest chef is serving a traditional Mexican cuisine with vegetables from the First Lady's garden.

After dinner, Beyonce and Rodrigo Gabriela will perform on the south lawn under a tent.

200 guests were invited to the dinner.

The last white house dinner honoring Mexico was in 2001.

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Caldron should be asked why doesn't he give his people what they deserve and mind his own business.

He's the reason why they are committing murder and getting away with it. He doesn't care about his people and Obama needs to tell him to STFU and GTFO of his face and worry about his own country first. Honoring a gutless man who doesn't fight for child labor laws, fair-housing, medical asssistance for his people. Its sicking we are honoring him for this Mr. Obama.

Michelle Obama received a confession about illgeal immigrantion and will do nothing.

No wonder AZ feels a need to secure its own borders the Feds aren't.

Perhaps Michelle should call AZ for advice on how to deal with illegal immigratoin.

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