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POSTED: Thursday, September 30, 2010 - 5:41pm

UPDATED: Friday, October 1, 2010 - 9:29pm

Cyclists in El Paso say that getting outside and enjoying the weather is easy, but getting anywhere on less than four wheels is no ride in the park.

The owner of The Bicycle Company, Mike Rosson, says that more people have been buying bikes but he thinks there would be even more bike sales if it were more convenient to get around on them.

"The biggest complaint about riding in El Paso is knowing where to ride. There's lots of good places but you really need to know. We don't have a lot of bike lanes that connect the city together," Rosson said.

While more people are taking an interest in hopping on a bike to coast the Borderland, the biggest problem is that they can't get very far.

Ted Wehmeyer is a member of the El Paso Bicycle Club he says that the city is lacking places to ride.

"Well I think we need more and we have a problem because we don't have a town that's conveniently laid out," Wehmeyer said.

This is a problem the city is aware of and El Paso Director of Transportation, Daryl Cole, is trying to get the wheels turning to get more bike lanes throughout the area.

"We have around 50 lineal miles of bike lanes in our city streets. Over the next I'd say 12 to 15 months, you should see another 40 to 45 miles of bike lanes," Cole said.

Now, all streets will be built with bike lanes in mind.

"We're going to make it much more bike friendly. So, any project period, no matter what size of the project even if its just a small piece, we're going to put those bike lanes in," Cole said.

Even with the bike paths that are available, cyclists say they've been waiting for change for quite some time.

"I think it's up to El Pasoans to demand that we have more bike lanes to connect existing bike lanes and make them usable," Rosson said.

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